Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2008

Microsoft Research
Faculty Summit 2008
Evelyne Viegas
Senior Research Program Manager
Microsoft Research
What are the technological and societal drivers to enable an
“Intelligent Web"?
What is required to transform the current Web of data into an "Information
Highway" that goes beyond Search to include tasks, accounts for the shift from
consumers to producers of information, and supports information integration
and reasoning?
From Web as “data recorder” to
Web as “information transmitter”
Ontological Myths: Reducing the Confusion
James Hendler, Tetherless World Research Constellation
Information Extraction from Documents and Queries
Paul Viola, Microsoft Live Search
Stitching the World and Embracing Real Life with Virtual Earth
Intelligent Webs of Photos (By Accident and By Design)
Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Microsoft Live Labs
Geo-Positioned Media within the Context of Virtual Earth
Bill Chen, Eyal Ofek, Microsoft Virtual Earth Research Lab