UW-Platteville Mission

UW-Platteville Mission
We promote excellence by using a personal, handson approach to empower each student to become
broader in perspective, intellectually more
astute, ethically more responsible, and to
contribute wisely as an accomplished professional
and knowledgeable citizen in a diverse global
Date of our site visit: October 24-25, 2016
We are here
Complete review
again in 4 years
Important Re-affirmation
of Accreditation Milestones
Areas for Institutional Attention
 Are your program’s learning goals aligned with our
institutional mission?
 How are you using information about student
learning to improve your program?
 What evidence do you have of your success?
Office of Institutional Effectiveness
and Assessment (OIEA)
How can you help?
 Live our vision and mission
Our mission is central to how we will be evaluated.
 Recognize what needs improvement and address
those issues
 Respond to requests for information and data
We need volunteers to provide feedback on drafts of our Quality
Assurance Argument.
 Communicate
Everyone on campus has a part in our reaffirmation of
What questions do you have?