First Grade News Important Dates: Monday, 1-18-16 

First Grade News
What we are working on:
Important Dates:
 Monday, 1-18-16
No School MLK JR
 Thursday 1-28-15
Variety Show/Silent
 Friday 1-29-16
120 Club Party
Please check out our
January STEM home
connection (2D Shape Hunt)
by taking a flyer from the
First Grade classroom’s
Math: I can count and write to 120 and use a
100 chart to find ten more and ten less.
Reading: I can identify words and phrases in
stories or poems that suggest feelings or
appeal to the senses.
Social Studies: I can Understand the
elements of fair play and good
sportsmanship, respect for the
rights and opinions of others, and respect for
rules by which we live, including
the meaning of the “Golden Rule.”
Science: I know about the phases of the
moon and the good and bad properties of the
sun. I can create a model to protect people
from UV Rays.
Writing: I can Write informative/explanatory
texts in which they name a topic, supply
some facts about the topic, and provide
some sense of closure.