MIDTERM REVIEW: (Free-Response)

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MIDTERM REVIEW: (Free-Response)
1. Provide a justification based on the characteristics of the graphs for why these are grouped together.
2. Solve the inequality AND graph the solution on a number line.
3. Graph the system of equations. Determine the solution.
4. Graph the function using a table.
Determine the following:
Is the function increasing or decreasing?
5. Jack’s Boating Co. and Monterey Sightseeing Co. both offer whale watching tours that take out groups of
people. Jack’s Boating Co. charges a $200 base fee, and then charges another $20 per person to go out on a
trip. The Monterey Sightseeing Co. charges a $60 base few, and an additional $40 per person.
a) Write two equations that represent what each company charges based on the number of people going
on a tour.
b) Explain how you would recommend to a group of people which tour they should use based on the
number of people in their group.