Chapter 6 Study Concepts and Test Information Schenck v. United States 

Chapter 6 Study Concepts and Test Information
50 points
Multiple Choice, Matching & Essay
Concepts to Know:
The countries in the Triple Entente
The outcome of the Supreme Court case Schenck v. United States
What was the Great Migration?
The Countries if the Triple Alliance
What was Mexico promised in the Zimmerman Telegram?
Drafted recruits were called up based on what system?
What Agency or Group had the job of selling the war to the American people?
Provisions of the Selective Service Act
Espionage and Sedition Acts
Function of planes used in WWI
Terms/People to know:
 Sussex Pledge
 Liberty Bonds
 Espionage
Europe Map questions – status of particular countries during the war – Allied, Central, Neutral
Essay: Describe US War Mobilization (home front): include information about raising an army,
gathering support, controlling the economy and ways that citizens assisted in the war effort at home.
Notebook Check Information:
 Notes
o 4.1 Vocab Terms (p.299 #1-2)
o 4.1 & 4.2 Study Questions (own paper)
o 4.3 Lecture Guide
o 6.1 Lecture Guide
o 6.2 Lecture Guide
o 6.3 Study Guide/ War Casualties Prediction and Analysis (on back)
o 6.4 Lecture Guide
 Journals
o CNN SN 1/6 (1 entry)
 Activities
o Imperialism Readings
o WWI Previous Knowledge Chart
o WWI Map
o Zimmerman Telegram Analysis
o Wilson’s 14 Points
 Video Guides
o Theodore Roosevelt Video Guide
o Unfinished Nation: Imperial Ambition
o Martin Luther King – 10 Facts
o CAT: Shell Shock