Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,
This year we will be using the newspaper to report on current events. Once
per trimester, your child will be assigned the task of finding a newspaper
article. Please remember that as you and your child choose an article from
the paper, articles on murder, physical abuse, or "adult content" are not
appropriate. Each student will be expected to complete this task in addition
to his or her regular homework.
The articles may come from any newspaper(including Internet) such as the
Sacramento Bee, the Folsom Telegraph, etc. Other great resources:
The article will need to be cut out or printed, and brought to class on the
day of your child's presentation. The article should be current, so please
help your child choose an article no more than 14 days before their
presentation date.
Students are expected to fill out a current event fact sheet and give an oral
“news report” on their article. We would like each student to become an Oak
Chan News 13 reporter for the day and report the important details of their
article to the class. We have watched news reports in class, so the kids will
have an idea what this should look/sound like. Watching appropriate news
reports at home would be helpful also. Students may have note cards to
assist them with their presentation, but they should not be reading word for
Students will receive two grades for this assignment. One grade will be
given for their oral performance (24 POINTS) and another grade will be
given for their written fact sheet (11 POINTS). These grades will become
part of the students' listening/speaking and social studies grades. Practice
is important.