Math 2 Chapter 3 Study Guide ... Properties of Triangles

Math 2 Chapter 3 Study Guide
Properties of Triangles
Determine the measure of the missing angel in each triangle.
Find the missing angle and then list the side lengths from shortest to longest.
Identify the interior angles, exterior angles and the remote interior angle of each triangle.
Solve for x in each diagram.
Using the following diagram find the measure of the exterior angle.
Using complete sentences and the given diagram explain how you could prove the Exterior
Angle Theorem.
Without a protractor, list the angles of each triangle in order from least to greatest.
Determine whether it is possible to create a triangle with the given side lengths.
Find the range of possible lengths for the missing side.
Determine the length of the hypotenuse and/or missing leg of each triangle
Solve for x & y in the triangle provided.
Simplify each radical and make sure to rationalize the denominator.
Review Problems to practice with students
Can you prove lines m and n are parallel?
Explain how you know?
Write the following as a conditional statement and it’s converse.
Find the distance between the 2 points
Evaluate the Fractions