Biology Reading Notes Outline Chapter 1: The Science of Biology Name: _____________________

Biology Reading Notes Outline
Chapter 1: The Science of Biology
Name: _____________________
Per ______ Date: ____________
Read Chapter 1. As you do so, take notes on the following topics on a piece of notebook paper. You will have
to study these for tests, so do not just “answer” the topic questions below- write out the information in an
outline format that contains the detail needed to understand what the topic is and what it means. Leave space
between each topic so you can add to the notes during in-class lecture.
1.1 What is Science?
1. What is Science?
2. What are the goals of science?
3. Why is uncertainty a normal part of science?
4. List the steps of scientific methodology and describe what they involve:
a. Observation and asking questions
b. Inference and hypothesis
c. Experimentation
1.Why are the number of variables changed in an ideal controlled experiment?
2.What is an independent variable?
3.What is a dependent variable?
4.What is a control group?
5.What is an experimental group?
6.What does collecting and analyzing data involve?
7.What is Quantitative data?
8. What is Qualitative data?
9. What can sources of error result from?
10. How can Problems with Errors be reduced?
d. Drawing conclusions
5. Why are controlled experiments not always possible?
1.2 Science in Context
1. What does Peer review and publishing involve?
2. What is a theory?
3. What are some typical Scientific Attitudes?
4. How do Ethics and Morality play a role in science?
5. What is bias and why is it best avoided in science?
6. Why is it important for all students to understand science?
1.3 Studying Life
1. What are the 8 Characteristics of living things?
2. What are the central themes of biology and what do they involve?
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