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Check your child’s agenda or my website regularly to make
sure assignments are being completed, and that test
preparation is taking place.
Check your child’s backpack regularly for organization and
Check to make sure your child has assignments completed,
and they are in their backpack ready to turn in.
Look over spelling and vocabulary assignments for mistakes.
Give practice tests before regular Friday spelling and
vocabulary tests.
Check your child’s grade through Power School regularly to
make sure your child is not missing any work. A “0” means
they did not turn it in, but it can be turned in with a late pass.
Please avoid changing your child’s writing. Please guide
them and give them some ideas and feedback, but all
changes should be in their own words. If you change their
writing, I will not know your child’s true abilities, and I will not
be able to address their weaknesses.
Final copies can be typed. They should be 12 pt font, Times
New Roman, double spaced, and in black ink.
Hand written final copies need to be in blue or black ink,
skipping lines.
Most of our writing will be done in class, but the final copy
writing will be done at home.
Grades will be updated about twice per week.
If there is a zero, that means the assignment was not
turned in.
Students were given 3 late passes the first week for the
first trimester. Late work will not be accepted without a
late pass.
If a student is absent, they have two days for each day
absent to complete make up work or tests they missed.
It is the student’s responsibility to make up tests and
complete work due to an absence.
Students are to write their assignments in their agenda
daily, and homework is also posted on my website as it
is assigned.
SMS School Code:
Skill Overview:
› Think: support answers, ideas, opinions, claims with
evidence – “prove it”
› Express: effectively communicate thinking orally and in
› Collaborate: work with others to broaden thinking
› Innovate: apply thinking to a new challenge.
Developed Through:
› Reading – navigate and use informational text;
understand elements of fiction
› Vocabulary – develop academic language, elevate
expressive language, build comprehension of complex
› Writing- build on basic paragraph structure to construct
narrative, informational, and argumentative essays using
correct grammar and punctuation conventions.
Reading and writing from the Holt Literature
Grammar from the Holt Handbook, and
other sources.
Compare/Contrast Essay (Where the Red
Fern Grows book and movie)
Expository Essay
Persuasive Essay
Novels – Reading and Analysis
› Hatchet, Where the Red Fern Grows, Maroo of
the Winter Caves
Email is the best way to reach me if you
want to be answered quickly:
[email protected]