Folsom High School 2012-2013
COURSE: Drawing & painting 1, 2, 3, & A.P. Studio Art
PHONE: 916-355-1115 (x3804)
EMAIL:[email protected]
This course is designed to teach all students various drawing and Painting
techniques, regardless of their prior art knowledge, and previous artistic endeavors. Students will
experiment with a variety of mediums and improve their personal art skills. Students will be encouraged
to utilize a variety of mediums, on both 2-d, as well as 3-d surfaces.
Students will continuously strive to use and manipulate the above materials in order to explore the
Principles of Design, and the Elements of Art. Students will continuously strive to develop and improve
their understanding of compositional strategies that make each piece of artwork successful. We will
discuss the progression and controversy related to the ever- changing evolution of art history and art
theory. Students will familiarize themselves with other artists, past and present, and use this knowledge in
order to engage in critical evaluations (public critiques) of historical, contemporary, personal, and peer
GPS INTEGRATED CURRICULAR FOCUS: Curriculum will cover a variety of historical, as well as
contemporary art movements that are relevant, on a global scale. We will discuss and study how different
regions have been affected by the arts and analyze how each country is currently playing a role in the
international art market today. Art lessons will frequently encompass art history from around the world. Each
original art project in class will allow students to have a global approach in mind. This will give students insight
on how their own personal work relates to other artists around them on a global scale.
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: The Folsom High School Arts program is committed to equal opportunity for all
individuals. Activities shall be free from discrimination based on gender, race, color, religion, national origin,
ethnic group, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability or any other unlawful consideration.
In order to successfully complete assignments by each deadline, you will need to frequently
come in during PAWS and /or take the projects home. Art students are expected to demonstrate a clear,
long-term progression of their art skills, in a consistent and technical manner. All artists work at different
speeds. For this reason, advisable allotted times for taking work home varies. On average, students should
be making substantial progress at home 2-3 days per week. Students will be expected to evaluate their
own progress and speed in class and at home, in order to create strong, original artworks in accordance
with each deadline.
With the exception of your 2 mid-terms and 2 Semester Finals, test will be in the form of short
quizzes. We will periodically have quizzes on Fridays, or on block days. The quizzes are short, simple,
and straight-forward. They will directly correspond to the weekly art lessons and reviews that take place
in class. There are no secrets, tricks, or funny testing gags in my class; I do not believe in trickery. I will
always inform you in advance, when a quiz is coming. Use the allotted times in class each week for taking
notes. Students who are attentive and take notes during in-class lessons, group critiques, and discussions,
will do just fine.
The Finals and quizzes are simple and objective; they are easy to evaluate.
For example, one must have the correct word, date, or phrase, in order to achieve credit for a test question.
Projects are also evaluated on two very basic and objective levels.
1.) Did the student follow directions and complete each task assigned. (Each project consists of multiple
objective tasks. This is straightforward. You either did, or did not do them.)
2.) Did the student stay busy in class and effectively use all of the class time provided. Those who take
projects home are noticed and commemorated during grading time for their extra efforts. However, taking
projects home does not buy you the right to waste class time.
You are expected to come to class each day on time. This means that you have
entered the room, retrieved appropriate art supplies, and taken a seat, prior to the bell ringing. 1st Tardywarning. 2nd Tardy- 15 minute detention. 3rd Tardy – 30 minute detention 4th Tardy - 50 minute
detention. 5th Tardy – class suspension.
SCHOOL RULES: Campus rules and policies in the PAWS Port will be adhered to in this classroom; see
appropriate pages for a detailed list. Remember that no food, drink, or gum will be allowed; all iPods, cell
phones and accessories must be turned off and placed out of sight during class; and all staff will be enforcing
the school dress code throughout the entire school day.
Citizenship Marks shall be assigned by each teacher. These marks set behavior standards that describe an
appropriate educational environment for all students.
1. Supporting ideas for marking citizenship
a. A good citizen must assume responsibility for his/her own behavior.
b. A good citizen respects himself/herself, adults, fellow students, teachers, the school, and the property
of others.
c. Each student will follow the rules and regulations of the school and each classroom.
2. Marking system
O = Attitude elevates the behavioral and academic level of class. Attendance is exceptional; lates/tardies
are very rare.
Participation and volunteerism is continuous and constructive.
Respect is always demonstrated for people and property.
S = Attitude is positive and constructive.
Attendance is excellent; lates/tardies are uncommon.
Participation and volunteerism are frequent and constructive.
Respect is consistently demonstrated for people and property.
N = Attitude is negative and nonproductive.
Attendance is mediocre; lates/tardies exceed teacher’s limit.
Participation and volunteerism are rare or inappropriate.
Respect is sometimes not demonstrated for people or property.
U = Attitude diminishes the behavioral and academic level of class
Attendance is poor; lates/tardies are excessive.
Participation and volunteerism are nonexistent or inappropriate.
Respect is often not demonstrated for people or property.
Work is Due on the assigned due date. If you have to be gone due to an excused absence, you
are responsible for approaching me on your own time and taking the initiative to receive a time extension
and /or further instruction. I will not track you down; this is your education; you must take the initiative to
earn it.
When you return following an absence: Please take the initiative to see me during or after class in order
to receive instruction and/or assignments that were missed.
If you have “the vision”, talk to me. I am always intrigued by ambitious students who
have personal visions. However, extra credit projects are generally worth FAR FEWER points than
assigned projects. If you attempt to solely rely on extra credit-creations, in lieu of assigned projects, you
will not pass. Assigned projects are purposefully designed to teach a variety of art techniques.
MATERIALS: Art materials will be provided for you. This is made possible due to the student Consumables Lab
charge. Students are responsible for coming to class prepared everyday. Bring your pencil, eraser, palette, art
folder, and current projects to class each day. Occasionally, you will be asked to bring other small
materials, such as photographs, scrap paper, newspaper, and / or magazine cut-outs. These items will be
periodically used for various collages and or other mixed-media art projects.
Materials Consumed and Taken Home: Students are encouraged to continuously strive for mastery
with all mediums and mark-making tools such as: graphite, charcoal, ink, Cant’e, chalk, watercolor, oil
pastel, color pencil, printmaking, pen, scratch knives, paint, paper, cloth, paper-board, newspaper,
photographs, and even found objects. You will also utilize, consume, and take home art borders and
matting, art nametags, Painter’s tape, heavy drawing paper (with and without ‘tooth’), watercolor paper,
tag-board, individual art protectors and portfolios, Duck tape, professional Prisma Colors, contemporary
art magazines, printer paper, printer ink, scratch knives, paintbrushes and palettes, as well as a variety of
other mediums including digital photography.
TEXTBOOK/MATERIALS RESPONSIBILITY: Students are responsible for returning barrowed art materials as
soon as each project comes to a close. Books, magazines, and other class reference materials must be returned
daily in order to ensure fair opportunity for all students to have access. Students who fail to return art materials
will receive debt slips for lost items.
CHEATING: This policy applies to artwork the same as it does to any other schoolwork! Cheating will be
defined as using someone else’s efforts in place of your own or providing work for someone else. Consequences
for all individuals, both receivers and providers, involved in cheating will receive a zero on the assignment in
question. Examples include letting a friend copy your work, providing answers to a test, or printing two copies
of work produced on a computer. All students at Folsom High School are held accountable to the school wide
Academic Honesty Policy as stated in the PAWSPORT. Please consult the policy for a detailed list of what
constitutes cheating and consequences for each step. A single instance of cheating counts as a Step 1 Offense
and follows a student throughout their entire class schedule and through all of their years at Folsom High. The
next instance (even if in a different class or years later) counts as Step 2.
COURSE: Drawing & Painting 1,2,3, & A.P. Studio Art
Consumables cost:
*Drawing & painting 1 Consumable Materials charge $35.00
*Drawing & Painting 2, or 3 (Advanced Art) Consumable Materials charge $40.00
*A.P. Studio Art Consumable Materials charge 45.00
Please see instructor if any financial conflicts arises.
For the Consumable Materials Charge, Make checks payable to : Folsom High School
To the Student’s Family: Please sign below indicating that you have reviewed course
expectations, grading policies, and lab safety procedures with your student. Thank you for returning
this form to me. I appreciate your time and support. Please feel free to email me at
[email protected] or call me at (916) 355-1115 (3804) if you have any questions.
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