COP3530 Recitation Exercises 3/11/03

COP3530 Recitation Exercises 3/11/03
(all taken from the text ppg 282-3, with slight modifications)
1) (C-5.10) Solve the subset-sum problem using recursion. If you are given an array A of
size n, determine if any subset of the values in that array add up to a given target T. (The
solution to this problem can be found at the CS2 website. It is part of the solution for
homework assignment #3.) A java prototype for the method to solve this problem is
public static boolean subsetSum(int [] values, int target);
// Returns true if a subset of the values in the array adds up to target only using values
// in the array from index startindex or higher.
public static boolean subsetSumHelp(int[] values, int target, int startindex);
2) (C-5.10) Using the recursive solution in question 1, solve the subset sum problem
using dynamic programming. The total time used should be O(nT). Just use the first
prototype listed above here.