ThrillTracker Funding Plan:

ThrillTracker Funding Plan:
In order to make ThrillTracker a success, we must provide enough revenue to
cover the cost of the project. The Blue team will submit a Small Business
Innovative Research (SBIR) grant proposal for Phase I and Phase II to the
National Science Foundation (NSF). Phase III funding will be provided though
venture capital investment.
The National Science Foundation is an organization whose primary goal is to
increase incentives and opportunities to small businesses to take under new
cutting edge, high risk research that has the potential to have an outstanding
economic payoff. Under the Directorate for Engineering Office of Industrial
Innovation, is the topic of Information Technology; this topic solicits many
innovative proposals that can increase quality of business and commerce,
industry processes, education, work life and personal life. The following is the
Phase 0 and Phase 1 funding break down for ThrillTracker :
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation SBIR
Division: Directorate for Engineering Office of Industrial Innovation
Topic: Information-Based Technologies (IT)
Subtopic: Education Applications
Area: Applications in Support of Learning
Deadline: June 13, 2007
Awards Amount:
Phase I award: $100,000
Phase II award: $750,000
Phase III funding will be provided through investment by venture capital firms
FBR Technology Venture Partners, L.P
Valhalla Partners
GTCR Capital Partners, L.P
Dunluce Investors III, LLC