Software Project Management tools Deepa Shinde 02_22_2010.

Software Project Management
Deepa Shinde
• For many engineering and other projects software has become a
pivotal part in almost all the fields.
It controls generation and distribution of electricity.
water purification and distribution
traffic flows.
household equipment.
• Software development projects
▫ Complex
▫ Multifaceted
▫ Evolving through a constant state of change.
• Why do most software projects fail?
Poor Requirement Analysis
Poor Project Planning
Poor Estimation
Poor Resource Management.
Poor Communication.
Poor Documentation.
Poor Quality.
Changing Requirements During Development
Software Project Management
Tool Metric
• Task Scheduling : This feature helps to track important project
milestones . And note who is responsible for each task .Task scheduling
refers to the assignment of start and end times to a set of tasks
• Resource Management: This feature ensure that proper resources are
committed to the project, it helps to organize and trace the task assignment,
maintains role of the members, work load on the resource.
• Collaboration: Collaboration enables both structured and free-flow
sharing of knowledge and best practice. It includes project status reports
that are accessible via a Web page, integrated e-mail or discussion
Tool Metric
• Time Tracking: Time tracking feature can be used to manage employee
timesheets and expenses, calculate salaries, prepare project estimates.
• Estimating: The estimate feature can help to generate, manage, and
validate estimates of effort for multiple and variety of projects. It evaluates
the project plan, project requirements, information about working
• Risk Assessment: Risk assessment helps in identifying and planning for
potential project risks. It could also help to describe the various risk factors
and how to solve them.
Tool Metric
• Change Management:. It can manage the impact that changes have on
project objectives, and it helps to trace changes to see how each
requirement's changes affect multiple other requirements.
• Reporting/Charts: In addition to Gantt or PERT charts, some tools
provide hundreds of charts and reports. In addition some tools allow users
to develop a custom report format that suits the organization.
• File Attachment: Helps in file sharing and document management on
Web page. Some tools help users control document version and checkout as
Tool Metric
• E-mail notification: Most software project management tools provide
integrated e-mail notification to keep team members informed of the
current status such as defects, change in documentation issues and
requests, and other related issues.
• Process/Methodology: Process/Methodology features allow the software
project manager to develop and implement a consistent and standardized
process workflow.
• Portfolio Management: help an organization acquire and view
information about all of its projects, then sort and prioritize each project
according to certain criteria, such as strategic value, impact on resources,
cost, and so on. Dashboard feature in most of the tools.
Tool Metric
• Open Source or Proprietary: Open Source which is freely available and
the other is not.
• Platform independent: In terms of windows, Linux or Mac machine.
• Easy To use: A good User Interface. Help and Support
• Real-Time Conferencing: Host real-time presentations, webinars and
team meetings .During live conferencing you can take advantage of such
tools as tele-conferencing, text chats, screen sharing and more.
Tools Selected So Far
• Web Based
• Proprietary
▫ Microsoft Project
• Open Source
▫ Projectivity .
▫ TaskJuggler.
▫ Trac Project.