FALL 2015
Have you ever wondered why the
Baylor Counseling Center offers
groups for students?
The Baylor Counseling Center knows that
many of the issues that College Students
experience, group therapy is just as effective
individual therapy. In actuality it can be
even better, because in group you experience a safe supportive experience with your peers who
have similar issues, which leads to validation of your experience and a realization that you are
not alone.
There is no cost to group or limit to how many sessions you attend.
Come to the Walk-In Clinic to see a counselor and ask about a Group Program.
Baylor Counseling Center/ 2nd Floor Student Life Center/254-710-2467
Social Confidence Group
Do you ever feel anxious when meeting new people, talking in class, performing in front of a group, or going to a party or meeting? High levels of social
anxiety can negatively impact your relationships and even interfere with your classroom experiences and academic success. This group focuses on
identifying fears related to social situations and provides psychological education, support, and the opportunity to develop skills to manage a variety of
social situations and increase your social confidence.
Mindfulness Group
Students who are struggling with symptoms of depression/anxiety, physical illness. If you are interested in learning skills to manage your symptoms, this
group might be just for your. Practice focusing your mind on the present. Research shows that regular meditation : Increases concentration and
attention, clarity of thoughts, development of insight and awareness, stress reduction and increases self-esteem.
Creative Arts Group
You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy the process of creating. Build a caring community while creating art and talking together, provide support from
other group members through emotional struggles and help find your inner resilience and build on strengths you already have. (no previous artistic
experience is required)
First Generation Group
“First In Line” students this group is for you: This group is a safe place where you can process your school experience and talk about various stressors
you may be facing: grades, pressure to succeed, financial, isolations, fear of disappointing family, to name a few. A group where your fellow students
will support and share in your experience.
Transitions Conversation
This conversation group is for freshman who feel “overwhelmed”, “isolated”, “homesick”, “pressured”, “worry about grades”, “how do I make
connections?” If you are an incoming freshman than this group is for you, it is normal to have some difficulty with stress and adjusting to a new place
and this group will be a confidential place for you to feel safe and to be supported by other students who are going through similar experiences.
Recovery Group
Finding a community of similar aged peers is an important component in dealing with dependency. Students struggling with alcohol and other drugs or
process addictions are invited to invest in this semester long process group. This group will focus on helping students to feel validated by peers with
similar problems.
Men’s Issues
Men often lack a place in which they can feel comfortable talking about what really matters to them, especially with other men. This group will explore
particular issue and concerns that men have in today’s college environment and in the larger society. This group provides a supportive space to give and
receive honest feedback and developing healthier ways of managing these concerns.