Presented by: Dick Dawson Executive Director, Audit, Compliance & Risk Services

Presented by:
Dick Dawson
Executive Director, Audit, Compliance & Risk Services
Heather Foster
Policy Specialist
The committee is comprised of representatives from the
President’s Office, each VP area, Faculty Senate, Staff Council and
Student Government
Held first meeting in December 2008
• Established committee, approved charter and evaluated
status of policies “in the hopper”
• Established OICRS procedures for administrating the approval
Step 2
proposing policy
Step 1
Step 8
Step 3
HOP Committee
Step 1 – University office will route draft policy to appropriate Responsible Executive
Step 2 – Responsible Executive will submit draft to Policy Coordinator
Step 3 – Policy Coordinator will distribute draft to HOP Committee to confirm Stakeholder review plans and await return
Step 4 – Policy Coordinator will distribute draft to Stakeholders for review and await return
Step 5 – Policy Coordinator will provide draft to Responsible Executive for consideration
Step 6 – Responsible Executive will resubmit draft to HOP Committee with any changes
Step 7 – After approval from majority of HOP Committee the draft will be sent to Legal for a legal sufficiency determination
and return to the HOP Committee
Step 8 – HOP Committee will approve draft to be submitted to President for review and approval
The committee inherited 22 policies in various stages of review
and approval
18 of these were submitted to the Office of Legal Affairs by
February 2009
As of today all but 2 of the original policies has been approved by
the Office of General Counsel
Began with 22 policies in December 2008
To date the committee has reviewed a total of 38 policies
16 new policies
18 significant amendments
4 insignificant amendments
34 policies approved by the Office of General Counsel
Launched new website in November 2009 that matched the look and
feel of UTSA’s homepage
Created new pages in effort to increase transparency of policy
• What’s New – policy changes over the past 90 days
• Policy Approval Process – brief description of the committee,
includes process flowchart
• Policy Revision Process – states every policy will be reviewed, at
a minimum, every four years.
Enhanced search options and capabilities
• Keyword
• Responsible Executive
• People Affected
• Compliance Areas
• Free Form
Policy Archive
Comprehensive electronic Policy Archive of the HOP
Policy Age determined by Last Reviewed or Effective Date
Group 1
15-20 years old (revise within 1 yr)
Next Scheduled Review Date - 9/30/2010, 34 policies
Group 2
10-14 years old (revise within 2 yrs)
Next Scheduled Review Date - 9/30/2011 , 26 policies
Group 3
5-9 years old (revise within 3 yrs)
Next Scheduled Review Date - 9/30/2012, 34 policies
Group 4
1-4 years old (revise within 4 yrs)
Next Scheduled Review Date - 9/30/2013, 66 policies
Area Represented
Committee Member
Sonia Martinez
VP for Academic Affairs
Dr. Sandy Welch
VPBA – Financial Affairs
Janet Parker
VPBA – Human Resources
Barbara Centeno
VP for Student Affairs
George E. Norton
VP for University Advancement
Becky Anderson
VP for Research
Dr. Marianne Woods
VP for Community Services
Bob McKinley
Faculty Senate
Dr. Mansour El-Kikhia
Staff Council
Rob Garza
Student Government
Matt DeLeon