AVID Application Form Deadline: __________ 2013-2014

AVID Application Form
Deadline: __________
Applicant Data
School Year
Last Name_______________________ First____________________ Middle Initial____________
ID Number: ________________________________ Gender: Male_________ Female_________
Mailing Address__________________________________ _____________Apartment #________
City__________________________________ State_____________ Zip Code________________
Telephone (______) ___________________Email Address _______________________________
Place of Birth: City ____________________ State _________________ Country _____________
Primary Language (If other than English) ___________ Language Spoken at Home ____________
School Currently Attending ______________________________________ Grade ___________
Returning AVID Student Yes_____ No_____ Transferring from AVID School Yes______ No_____
If Yes, What School? __________________ ___________________________________________
Did you apply for any other program/academy? Yes____ No ____ Name ___________________
*Note: This will not affect access into the AVID program
School Data
Expected Graduation Date: Month _____________ Year__________ G.P.A. _________________
Academic Program (Pre-AP, AVID)
Counselor of Record _____________________________________________________________
Parent Information
Mother/Guardian Full Name_______________________________________________________
Cell Phone (_____) _____________________ Work Phone (_____) ________________________
Father/Guardian Full Name_______________________________________________________
Cell Phone (_____) _____________________ Work Phone (_____) ________________________
AVID Application Form
Deadline: __________
Parent’s Highest Level of Education (Please Check Applicable)
Less than High School
Grade Level Reached: ____________
High School Diploma ____________
Bachelors Degree
Masters Degree
Doctorate Degree
In what country was the degree earned:___________________________
Written Interview
Please answer all questions with complete sentences. Must be paragraph length and attached
1. What do you think will be expected of you if you join AVID?
2. It is required to take at least one Pre AP course and AVID as an elective. How do you feel
about these expectations?
3. Would it be difficult for you to achieve grades of 85 and above in all your
classes? Why?
4. Why do you think that we expect our AVID students to take Cornell notes, keep a binder and
5. Do you want to go to college? Why?
Do you have any questions you would like to ask us about the AVID program during your
AVID Application Form
Deadline: __________
There are many types of leaders, based on the Wallstreet Journal article Leadership Styles, what
type of leader are you? Please attach separately, length must be between 400- 600 words. The
article can be found at
Students must submit two (2) recommendation letters from core teachers. The recommendation
forms are attached. Once your teachers have filled out the recommendation letters, they
must deliver it to the counselor or AVID coordinator (Mrs. K. Arras, Socorro High School,
Application Checklist
The student is responsible for submitting all materials to the AVID coordinator/counselor on time. Incomplete
applications will not be evaluated. This application becomes complete and valid only when all the following materials
have been received:
___ Student Application
___ Student Written Interview and Essay
___ Letters of Recommendation from Core Teachers (2)
___ *Current Attendance Record
___ *Current Grade Report/ Report Card
___ *7th Grade STAAR Scores or 9th/10th Grade EOC Scores
___ Most recent TAKS scores
___ Copy of EXPLORE/PLAN/PSAT/SAT Scores if applicable
* Counselors and teachers have access to these records so ask for a copy.
AVID Application Form
Deadline: __________
Teacher Recommendation
Recommendation for: ______________________________________________
(student’s full name)
Student’s School: _________________________________________________
I, ______________________, recommend______________________________ as a candidate for the Socorro High
School AVID program. I have known_____________________ for _______ years as a student in my
__________________ class. I believe this student has the potential to go to college and that the AVID program would
help him/her attain this goal. Below is my assessment of this student.
(teacher’s signature)
Please rate the student on a scale of 1 – 5. (5 = excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = average, 2 = some difficulty, 1 = not a
General Behavior
School Attendance
Organizational Skills
Internal Motivation
Turning Work in on Time
Writing Skills
Willing to Accept Support
Ability to Work
Ability to do Honor Work
With Extra Support
With Other Students
Comments or Concerns:
*Please return this completed form to the AVID coordinator, Mrs. Karen Arras Rm. 5601 or email form to
karras01@sisd.net. Please do not hand it to the student once completed. The integrity of the program relies on the
authenticity of this information. Thank You!