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Regents Exam Questions CC.A.CED.1: Modeling Linear Equations 4
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CC.A.CED.1: Create equations and inequalities in one variable and use them to
solve problems. Include equations arising from linear and quadratic functions, and
simple rational and exponential functions.
1 Find three consecutive numbers whose sum is
9 greater than twice the largest number.
2 What number is that which being multiplied by
7 gives a product as much greater as the
number itself is less than 20?
5 A person expends $240 in the purchase of
wheat. If he had paid 20 cents a bushel less he
could have obtained 100 bushels more for the
same money. How many bushels did he buy?
6 A who travels 4 miles an hour, starts from a
certain place two hours in advance of B who
travels 5 miles an hour in the same direction.
How many hours must B travel to overtake A?
3 What number is that, the treble of which,
increased by 12, shall as much exceed 54 as
that treble is less than 144?
4 Find the number such that if 16 be subtracted
from it,
of the remainder will be equal to
of the number.
7 It took a man 12 hours to make a certain
journey. Had he traveled 1 mile an hour faster
he would have required 2 hours less time.
What was his rate an hour and how long was
the journey?
Regents Exam Questions CC.A.CED.1: Modeling Linear Equations 4
1 ANS:
10, 11, 12
REF: 010606al
2 ANS:
REF: 019008al
3 ANS:
REF: 019107al
4 ANS:
REF: 010504al
5 ANS:
REF: 019714al
6 ANS:
REF: 090405al
7 ANS:
5 and 60 miles
REF: 039512al