CT Educators Role

CT Educators Role
We will all one day in our lives reflect on our success within our job or our career. We may be
satisfied or dissatisfied with what we have accomplished throughout our journey. But how we
gauge our performance will always be based on how we perceive our successes weighed against
our perceived potential. It is us as educators who must see that potential in our students, help
them to realize their potential, setting their goals and ultimately assisting them through the first
four years of their six-year plan. Second to the transition from middle school to the ninth grade,
the transition from secondary to post-secondary is the most crucial. If we fail our students, jobs
will have to suffice and careers will be unrealized. A struggle to have financially secured life will
ensue. By providing heavy skilled based training alongside a rigorous core college prep program,
we can and will make a profound difference in all of our students’ lives.