Principal’s Action Plan for Loss of Credit

Principal’s Action Plan for Loss of Credit
Student’s Name: _________________________________________________________________
Student’s ID #: __________________________________________________
Student Classification: ___________________________
Semester & Year: ________________________________________________________
Based on the attendance record, __________________ absences have been accumulated for
the semester. In order to regain the course credit, the following items will be implemented:
_______ Compass Learning
_______ Attend tutorial session. Hours:_______
_______ Attend Summer School
_______ Computer assisted instruction
_______ Maintaining the attendance standards for the rest of the semester
_______ Community or Campus Service. Hours: _______
_______ Attendance Agreement _____________________________
_______ CHAMPS Mentoring Program
Upon completion of the above items, course credit will be granted.
Student Signature & Date
Parent Signature & Date
Principal’s Signature & Date
Alternative learning activities shall be assigned by teachers, counselors, or administrators at the
campus level. Documentation of these activities shall be the responsibility of the student and parent
and shall be a major criterion in the determination of credit(s) awarded or denied by the attendance