Applicant’s Name: Name of Reference: Telephone Number:

Applicant’s Name:
Name of Reference:
Telephone Number:
Date/Time of Reference Interview:
Hiring Department:
SCRIPT: Please use the following script as a guide for the reference
check interview and to document your discussion.
1. Greeting
Good (morning/afternoon) my name is: _____________________________ I’m calling from the _________________
department at SUNY Geneseo.
_______________________(applicant’s name) has applied for ___________________
position with our institution, and has listed you as a reference. Do you have a few minutes to talk with me?
No ( if no, ask for a convenient time to call back) Date/time
2. Position
The position that _______________________(applicant’s name) is applying for requires (briefly describe the essential duties of
the position):
 Based on the duties described, how well do they compare to __________ skills and ability?
3. Relationship:
How long have you known the applicant?
Using the following descriptors, how would you describe
your relationship to the applicant?
Former teacher
Relative (please describe)
Other (please describe)
4. Employment Relationships (complete for relationships described as co-worker, or supervisor)
When did this individual work with/for you?
What was his/her job title?
Describe the job duties that this person performed:
How would you describe this individual’s attendance? (Do not inquire about any medical related absences)?
Why did he/she leave your company?
Would you recommend this individual for rehire?  yes
If no, why not:
5. General Information
How would you describe this individual’s:
Use of judgment?
Ability to get along with others?
Work ethic?
Quality of work?
Biggest strengths?
Areas that need improvement?
Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Signature of Interviewer:
Date of Interview:
Time Interview Began and Ended:
 no