Preparation for mentees Clarify your goals

Preparation for mentees
Clarify your goals
What do you want to achieve?
What will be different when you achieve it?
Why is this important for you?
When would you like to achieve this by?
Take stock of the current situation
1. What have you already done or tried to move toward this goal?
2. What is happening now that is contributing to you achieving your goal?
3. What stops or hinders you moving toward this goal?
Define the attributes that you would like a mentor to possess
Consider their skills, networks, knowledge areas, career experience, and personality.
Essential qualities
Desirable qualities
List potential mentors and people who could help
Potential mentors
People who could help me find a mentor
Mentoring agreement
This form will support you to discuss and define the parameters and expectations of your mentoring relationship.
By discussing each party’s expectations and confirming them in writing, you are able to maintain accountability
and support an effective mentoring relationship. However, it is important to remember that the needs and
expectations of mentors and mentees can change as the relationship progresses. You can update and modify this
agreement whenever you feel it is necessary.
This agreement is between
For mentees:
As a mentee, I understand my role is to:
For mentors:
As a mentor, I understand my role is to:
Agreed ground rules:
Within our mentoring relationship, we agree to honour the following ground rules:
Mentoring Setup Checklist
We have discussed roles, expectations and concerns and agreed to some basic principles or ground rules
We have discussed and agreed goals and objectives for the mentoring relationship
We have agreed on contact frequency and including who is responsible for making contact
We have discussed our specific expectations around confidentiality of conversations
We have considered potential challenges for the mentoring relationship and how we will manage these
We have discussed an expected timeline for the mentoring relationship, including potential closure period