Describe a challenging assignment that you have done well.
Ans. In our life every time we have to face some challenge. Without challenges we can’t lead a
life. As a person I also face challenges in my life all of time. Recently, I solved one problem
which was challenging for me. Before I was admitted to the college, I took a job as a cashier in a
department store. In that store, everyday I had to do work with money, and to do work with
money you have to know more math equations. However, I am very bad in math. I used to made
mistakes from taking money to customers. Every day my manager was yelling to me. I was very
upset at that time. Then I decided that I have to overcome my problem. It became challenge for
me. Because of this reason I decided to study in finance, so I joined to the college, but I didn’t
quit my job. After doing some finance classes I got back my lost confidence. However, now I am
doing well in my job. I can concentrate my work better than before, so that was a challenge for
me, and I think I did well in my challenge.
Trace your feelings from the beginning to the end of this challenge.
Ans. From the beginning of this challenge, I felt myself very confused. I was upset. Lost all of my
confidence, but when I overcame this challenge, I feel myself very confident. I get back my
happiness in life.
What did you learn from this experience?
Ans. I learned so many things from this experience. First I learned how to deal with bad
situations. I learned a bad situation can strong your minds. In a bad situation if any person lost
courage they never overcome their challenges, so I learned from this experience we have to face
challenges with courage and confidence.
Task-02* Observe key people
Person#1 Name: Farzana Islam.
Her name is Farzana Islam. I work with her in a jewelry store. I admired her very much, because
she was very sincere, hard worker and know how to convince people. She keep smile every time
in her face, so people are attract to buy form her. I wish one day I will be like her.
Person#2 Name: Lisa Haque.
Lisa is a very hard worker person. I worked with her in a department store. She was very nice.
She is very nice with her co worker. She teaches her co workers very well. Her main good quality
is her personality. She knows how to work with lower level people. She always behaves nice with
them. I like her because she was very friendly with me. I like her strong work and personality.
Task-03* Describe a hardship at work
Describe a hardship from your work experience.
Ans. I always feel hardship at my work. Sometimes I don’t like the job, but because of my needs I
have to do it. I don’t like any odd jobs, but I have to do it because I don’t have any certified
skills. I try to overcome my lacking. When I don’t want to do any works, but I have to do it, that
time I feel myself all alone.
How did you cope during this period?
It is very hard to cope during this period. All time I feel this time will never go from my life.
However, I know this time will go that day when I finish my study. I think after I finish my study I
will get confidence to do good jobs.
What did you learn from it?
I am not sure about this fact. I don’t know what I learned, but this experience gives me strength
to think for my future work. Also I try to be honest to my work.
Task-4* Get feedback
According to your feedback that you have received from other people, describe the primary
reasons for success to date.
Ans. Feedbacks from friends, coworkers and enemies can help me to know what I am doing and
what I have to do in future. My feedbacks are always not positives. Sometimes I get positive and
sometimes I get negative feedbacks. My friends told me that I am very sincere at my work, hard
worker and also I know what I have to do. My enemies told me I don’t want to work also I am
very slow on my work.
From your self assessment, describe the primary reasons for your success to date.
Ans. From my self assessment I think my success is based on hard work. I know I am honest to
my work also I want to do hard work, so I think that will help me to success in my life.
According to the feedback that you have received from other people, describe an important
area in which you need to improve your skills or performance.
Ans. According to the feedback I think I need to improve my slowness. That’s true that sometimes
I did work very slowly. If I improve this then I will do better at my work.
From your self assessment, describe an important area in which you need to improve your
skills and performance.
Ans. My self assessment told me I need to improve on every area. I want to be doing better in
every time also I wan to do work very fast like others. That’s all I need to improve on my work
and skills.