Farhana Khondokar SCB 1011, 1711 Prof: Green Research paper

Farhana Khondokar
SCB 1011, 1711
Prof: Green
Research paper
Hydrogen- Producing Bacteria Provide Clean Energy
“A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that directly produces electrical energy out of
chemical energy stored in a fuel’. Fuel cells chemically generate electricity by mixing hydrogen and
oxygen.The reactants flow into the cell, and the reaction products flow out of it, while the
electrolyte remains within it. By separating the component electrons and protons of the reactant fuel,
and forcing the electrons to travel though a circuit, hence converting them to electrical power. Fuel
cells can operate virtually continuously as long as the necessary flows are maintained. The fuel cell
operates like a battery. Unlike a battery, a fuel cell does not run down or require recharging. It will
produce energy in the form of electricity and heat as long as fuel is supplied. The fuel cell is secure
and pollution free and it can influence significantly to maintain green weather around the world.
Hydrogen Energy: Hydrogen is a clean source of energy. Hydrogen is often called as a potential
source of unlimited clean power. But hydrogen is only as clean as the process used to make it.
Currently, most hydrogen is made from fossil fuels like natural gas using multi-step and hightemperature processes. Now, chemical engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have
developed a new process that produces hydrogen fuel from plants. This source of hydrogen is nontoxic, non-flammable and can be safely transported in the form of sugars. To produce hydrogen gas
researcher pay attention on nitrogen fixing bacteria and this is one of the main parts in agriculture.
There are lots of benefits of using clean source of hydrogen. First of all, it will protect us from
global worming by providing clean and pollution free air. Secondly, one of hydrogen’s greatest
advantages as a fuel is that there are many ways to produce it. Thirdly, the relevance of hydrogen to
energy security is that it can offer energy independence. By using the hydrogen fuel cell we don’t
have to but the regular gasoline. I think, although other methods of hydrogen production are under
development, it really an essential step to go forward in future. It will give us environmental benefit
because Hydrogen fuel produces few pollutants when burnt, and none at all when used in a fuel cell.
Hydrogen is a carbon-free fuel, and when produced using renewable energy, the whole energy
system can become carbon-neutral, or even carbon-free. So, hydrogen fuel can contribute to
reducing Green House Gas emissions and can reduce the production of many toxic pollutants. On
the other hand it will give us a new way to develop a new business to recharge the vehicle with
hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen fuel cells will also Strength scientific research and education. At the
end I would like to say the people can buy the car with the rechargeable energy of hydrogen fuel
and they would not have to worry to buy the fuel every day. It will save time, energy and also
increase economic environment by giving the independent energy resources.