Self Discovery

Astrid Avalos
July 7, 2008
Self Discovery
Through the exercises in chapter 3, I could clarify some aspects of my skills,
abilities and interests that were not so clear to me. For instance I identity that the most
important skills for me and my professional growing are serving, coordinating,
responsibility, and precision working. From those, the transferable skills that I identify
were serving and responsible.
After developing the exercises I got to know that my four letter personality type is
ISFJ, that is people known for been hard -working and reliable, and that they enjoy any
opportunity to be of service to others. I also discover that my two-letters temperament
code is SJ that is people responsible and aware of duty and whom prefer orderly
I knew already that my areas of interest were Social and Conventional and there
were the same suggested by the exercise.
After this process of self-assessment, I reassure that I did a good choice in the
selection of my major: Liberal Arts: Math & Science. I chose that major because is a
step to pursue my ultimate goal that is become a physical therapist. I want to graduate
and transfer to a senior college to get a bachelor degree, probably in biology, to then go
after a PhD in physical therapy. These exercises helped me to reassure my skills and
interest in that field.