Duran 1 Viviana Duran Essay #3 Final Draft

Duran 1
Viviana Duran
Essay #3
Final Draft
Prof. Sibbitt
Prohibiting Television Advertising
Television is one of the most common media that influences kids’ lives. The impact
that TV has on children depends on a lot of factors, such as whether they watch TV alone or
with adults, and whether their parents talk with them about what they see. Some people may
agree about letting their children see whatever they want. However, we need to understand the
importance of the negative effects that TV advertising may have on children. In the reading
“Kid Kustomers,” the author Eric Schlosser states that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
tried to prohibit all television ads to children of seven years old or younger. Now, if the
Democratic Congress decides to renew this idea, I would definitely support it.
First of all, television advertisements are used in a harmful way to manipulate
children. Children are very easy to convince and usually whatever they see on TV they want to
get it. Companies that advertise all these kinds of products have to use an oppropiate way to
attract people, but especially children who may persuade their parents to buy everything they
want. Schlosser argues: “...But it was attacked by the National Association of Broadcasters, the
Toy Manufactures of America, and the Association of National Advertisers” (150). Very often
these marketing companies like McDonald’s, or Burger King, show advertisements on TV
where they persuade children to buy meals to get a toy. In this way kids will nag their parents
to keep going back to the restaurant, not only because they want to eat fast food but because
they want to get a toy. However, this will bring bad consequences. For instance, a conflict of
wills may develop between parents and children, by the simple fact that children may want to
Duran 2
eat fast food all the time rather than eating at home. In addition, communication between parent
and children will be affected. For example, if parents and children go to a fast food restaurant
they will not have enough time to share together. Most of the time they will just go there to buy
their meal and eat it on their way or in the car, very different than what they would do at home
where they can eat quietly, sitting and sharing more as a whole family. A simple advertisement
can harm the relationship between parents and children.
Furthermore, television advertisements have negative effects on children’s health
development. One of the most favorite children’s pastimes or hobbies are watching TV. While
children watch TV they may feel very relaxed. However, after watching TV children can feel
depleted of energy and it can also contribute to childhood obesity. Schlosser argues that “The
typical American child now spends about twenty-one hours a week watching televisionroughly one and a half months of TV every year (351). After children do exercises, play sports,
or engage in other hobbits they will feel more energized, but after watching TV for many hours
they will feel very exhausted. More over, children can experience obesity problems due to the
aggressive marketing. Is unbelievable to see how most of the TV advertisements for children
are about junk food like soft drinks, sweets, breakfast cereals and especially fast food. A lot of
money goes into making ads that are successful influencing younger children. Children are very
addicted watching TV and once they turn it on, it is very difficult for them to turn it off again.
Children’s health is very important, but TV advertisements are not contributing to make this
Beyond that, television can affect children’s learning and school performance.
Children that are seven years old or younger are not mature enough to understand the major
influence that TV advertising has over them. Children’s free time should be spend in different
Duran 3
activities such as playing, reading, learning about music or participating in sports, rather than
watching TV all the time. Schlosser argues that TV commercials have a strong influence of
convincing children because of their luck of understanding (350). For instance, if kids are
spending too much time watching TV, very likely they will do poorly at school. Many cases are
hear about children that don’t like to spend a lot of time doing their homework or studying for
their exams, because they spend most of their time watching TV. As a consequence, children’s
education is being affected. Kids start getting opposing points of view about what they learn at
school and what thy see on TV. Children can learn from their teachers the best way to have a
balance diet. However, even though student received a good education from their teachers, their
mentality will change because what they see on TV is opposite to what the teachers tell them at
school. Not matter how much effort the teachers do to give their students a very good
education; children will always be affected by every commercial they see.
In conclusion, it is very difficult to live without media. In one way or another,
children will always be very expose to all kinds of advertisements. But, a least we should try to
give a step forward in reducing TV commercial that children of seven year old or younger see.
Democratic Congress should start by prohibiting advertisements that contains bad messages
about fast food, drugs and sexual contents. In this way children will be better educated and the
influence of TV advertisement would harm less their lives in the future.