HUA 289 Art & Design Seminar John Berger Ways of Seeing Chapter1

HUA 289 Art & Design Seminar
John Berger Ways of Seeing
1. What was the Surrealist painter trying to demonstrate in his work Key of Dreams.?
2. Why is history important to the author and what is meant by mystification?
3. According to the author, what is the relationship between photography and cubism?
4. What is the influence of mechanical reproduction on the meaning of paintings?
Chapter 3
5. What parts of the author’s interpretation of the history of the nude do you feel still
exist today in mainstream media?
6. Why do you feel it is important to look at art history with a critical eye in order to
make art now?
Chapter 5
7. What influence did the market and class have on the subject matter of European oil
paintings from 1500-1900? What is it about the Rembrandt self-portrait that makes it the
The questions and chapter headings are only there to guide you with regards to the
subject and focus of your essay. You essay should be 5 pages double spaced with
1”margins and 12 point type. Please use quotations when quoting the book or other
It is always preferable to use your own experience and thoughts when referring to the
book. I am not looking for a simple book report that simply restates the book