Book Presentation By: Sannita Lam

Book Presentation
By: Sannita Lam
My Life – Bill Clinton
MY LIFE by Bill Clinton
Biography & Autobiography — Presidents
Random House Audio
June 2004
Bill Clinton’s Childhood
 Bill Clinton was born
William Jefferson Blythe
IV on August 19, 1946,
in the small town of
Hope, Arkansas. He
was named after his
father, William Jefferson
Blythe III, who had been
killed in a car accident
just three months
before his son was born
Bill Clinton’s Mother
 Bill's mother, Virginia
Cassidy Blythe, then
trained to become a
nurse-anesthetist in
order to support her
son. Bill lived with his
maternal grandparents,
Eldridge and Edith
Grisham Cassidy at 117
South Hervey in Hope
until age four.
Bill Clinton’s Step-father
 When Bill was four, his
mother married Roger
Clinton, a Hope
automobile dealer
 Bill's new step-father
was an alcoholic, and
could be abusive when
he'd been drinking.
Bill Clinton and Politics
 Bill participated in many activities. In
the summer of 1963 he was chosen
to attend the American Legion Boys
State, a government and leadership
conference, in Little Rock, Arkansas.
He was elected a senator and given
the opportunity to go to Washington,
D.C. where he shook hands with
President John F. Kennedy. When
Bill returned to Arkansas, politics
became a pursuit from which he
never wavered.
Bill Clinton’s Journey
Bill Clinton’s Mentor
 Bill Clinton worked for
Democratic Senator
William Fulbright of
Arkansas, the chairman
of the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee,
who became an
outspoken opponent of
the Vietnam War.
Scholar Activities
 Clinton won a Rhodes
scholarship to Oxford
 In 1969 he enrolled in
the Army Reserve
Officers Training Corps
(ROTC) at the
University of Arkansas
Law School.
Journey of Love
 Fall of 1970 Clinton
entered Yale Law
School. While at Yale
Clinton met Hillary
Rodham, a Wellesley
College graduate from
suburban Chicago.
Together they worked
for George McGovern's
presidential campaign
in Texas during the
summer and fall of
Candidate for Presidency
 On October 3, 1991,
Clinton announced that
he was a candidate for
the presidency. His
campaign was nearly
sunk by charges of
marital infidelity,
published in tabloid
newspapers, and of
unethical conduct in
legally avoiding the
draft during the Vietnam
 On Tuesday, November 3, Clinton was elected president, and he
took office on January 20, 1993. At the age of 46, he was one of the
youngest men ever, and the first Democrat since the 1976 election,
to be elected to the nation's highest office.
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Presenter: Sannita Lam