Aaron J Hudson CIS 100-3700 Dr. Avis O. Anderson

Aaron J Hudson
CIS 100-3700
Dr. Avis O. Anderson
October 28, 2005
Reflecting back on the first half of this semester, I have completely lost all
meaning of time. The speed at which time has flown by is phenomenal. Not to say this
is a bad view of what has happened, I actually have nothing but positive comments and
experiences to speak of thus far. I have a very busy schedule; all of my professors are
very helpful and thorough in their teachings, my grades reflect how serious I am about
my education, and the relationships with fellow students I’ve encountered have made
college life an easy transition. This has been a great beginning to, what I hope to be, a
successful college experience.
I am very serious about my education and plan to continue with no breaks in
between semesters. For the Fall 1 semester, I am taking a total of 6 classes to equal 16.5
equated credits. Sounds busy, right? I am in class by 8:00 AM, every morning, Monday
through Friday. Prof. Michele Payne starts off my week with Intro to Sociology (SSS
100-1902). I never thought the study of people in a society could be so entertaining. I try
to keep that line of communication open between myself and my professors and Prof.
Payne is no exception. Prof. Carlos Hiraldo teaches my Basic Writing course (ENA 0993702). He’s has proven to be a great educator who stresses how important it is to be an
efficient and productive writer. I have definitely seen improvement in my writing since
the beginning of the semester. Prof. Barry Silverman teaches my Intro to Business class
(AMM 101-0063). His class is full of comic relief but at the same time, very
informative. If I take any other classes pertaining to business in the future, Prof.
Silverman will be the first one I look for to see if he teaches that course. Prof Avis
Anderson heads up our Intro to Computer course (CIS 100-3700). Fortunately, I have
some knowledge in computers. Prof. Anderson is very fast paced when it comes to
teaching the information. Very understanding, she can be flexible when it comes to
completing assignments. Definitely, another professor I would look for when taking
other courses in my major of Computer Operations. Prof. Hector Graciano has taken
charge of our Studio Hour (REG 001-3711). Any class I working with computers, I
excel. I’m excited learning about our E-Portfolio projects and Prof. Graciano is all about
us performing to the best of our ability. He’s one of the few people who are willing to
take the time out to individually assist anyone if they needed extra help. Last, but
definitely not least, is Prof. Jeanne Buckley-Lockhart. She is my go-to advisor for any
professional or personal problems I may have during my stay here at LaGuardia. Her
New Student Seminar (FSM 000-3708) class is very informative. Taking this class helps
transition to college life tremendously. I know now that I will be using her knowledge
until it is time for me to graduate and move on to Baruch College.
So far, my grades are pretty good. I’ve received nothing less than a B+ on any
assignment or test I have turned in or taken. Thus far, I have only taken one Mid-Term
Exam and I received an 88%. I’m not disappointed in my grade, but I’m shooting for that
4.0 this semester. So, I really need to focus on projects I turn in and tests I take. Some
mistakes I have made were definitely avoidable. I tend to not look over my work when I
feel that I know the material. My participation level in all of my classes is up to par. I
keep up with the material assigned to read so I can give my input and answer questions in
class discussions. I can safely say that all of my professors know that I am going to make
a beneficial contribution to class on a daily basis.
The connections I have made here in such a short period of time are amazing. I
feel that ultimately, you are the one making the grade. On the other hand, collaborations
between you and other students can greatly help in the outcome of that grade. I have
exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers, worked in study groups, and exchanged
notes when one is absent. It’s a great system when there are students with your same
mentality to succeed. The positive attitudes I’ve met so far are great! I hope to make as
many connections I can while I am here at LaGuardia. You never know when you’ll run
into some of the same faces again.
Overall, I have nothing but positive words for the first part of this semester. If
my experiences up until now are a foreshadow of what to expect, I am eager to see what
else comes my way. I am pleased of the choice I made to attend LaGuardia Community
College, excited about the progress I have made thus far, and anticipate to continue my
success in the future while a student here.