DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS Natalia Kolganova October 15, 2007

(Jonathan Mintz, Commissioner)
Natalia Kolganova
October 15, 2007
Key Public Service Areas
Protect and empower consumers.
Facilitate fair business practices.
Ensure efficient, accountable, and
customer-friendly operations.
Critical Objectives
Expedite the resolution of consumer
Ensure compliance with tobacco
regulations to minimize sales to minors.
Enforce compliance with license laws,
consumer protection laws, and weights and
measures laws.
Minimize licensing center wait time while
maximizing customer service.
Performance Report
Protect and empower consumers.
• DCA resolved approximately 7,300
complaints, 17 percent higher than the
previous year, contributing to longer
processing times.
• Restitution awarded to consumers jumped
46 percent to $5.3 million.
• Since Fiscal 2003 the Department has led
the Mayor’s Earned Income Tax Credit
(EITC) campaign to raise the awareness of
workers with low incomes about their
rights to this federal, State, and City credit.
Resolved Consumer Complaints
Performance Report
Facilitate fair business practices.
• Compliance rates for inspected businesses were at
record levels and met performance goals. The
proportion of businesses in compliance with
tobacco regulations at both the initial and follow-up
inspections rose to 89 percent and 91 percent,
• The Agency’s intensive, multi-pronged focus on
HICs, the top complaint category, resulted in a
record number of licensed contractors, a rise of 24
percent from Fiscal 2006 and a 70 percent
increase from Fiscal 2003.
Tobacco Inspections
Compliance with Sales to Minors
Performance Report
Ensure efficient, accountable, and
customer-friendly operations.
• The average wait time at the Department’s licensing center improved,
reaching a low of 10 minutes. The change was attributed to a
decrease in customer volume and the on-site assignment of a CA
attorney to address more complicated questions.
Inquiries Received by the 311
Customer Service Center
Performance Statistics
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