Janine Charles May 2, 2006 Hun180

Janine Charles
May 2, 2006
Museum of Jewish Heritage Essay
As we reach our trip to the Museum of Jewish Heritage it makes you
relieve that not only have your race had to go though hardship in order to survive
and be where we at. I t was ancestor that fought or did to be where we are at.
African American faces slavery but what did the Jews had to faces during their
racism time.
World War II started in 1938 when Germany invaded Poland. Germany
was a total dictatorship under the Nazi Party and Chancellor Adolf Hitler. In the
days of World War II the Jews had to face the Nazi (German people). If you didn’t
fit the description of what the people where then you was consider a Jew. The
head of the Nazis and the German soldiers was Adolf Hilter. Hilter was the one
who made all the decision. Hilter was even raising young people to act the way
he did.They would go from the rich neighborhood to the ghetto to gather all the
Jewish people. From my knowledge and understanding about this time period if
you was a Jew you be killed or be kept ion a concentration camp. If you was kept
in the concentration camp you was used as their slaves labor. If you got injured
or couldn’t do the labor you would be killed. They would kill you because there
was no point for you to be living and they can’t use you. Jewish people would be
put into gas chambers or faced execution. The bad part is that it didn’t matter
what age group you was in. You can be a newborn baby and if you were a Jew
they would kill you. While in the concentration camps the German wouldn’t feed
Jews anything. After a while of not eating you would see their bones right though
their skin. They would cut the hair of people and make them bladed. They were
always touted at these camps. In the concentration camp you a tagged to identify
who you were. What I’m talking about is the tattoo writing on your arm. The
Jewish really didn’t have a positive way of living.
Due to the time period six million people was killed because of it. This is a
long amount of people that lost their life. We should be thankful because we can
learn from this mistake. We can prevent it from happening again. People today
honor their ancestors for these time and we just thankful for it.