Doctoral Thesis Committee Form Department of Linguistics, McGill University

Department of Linguistics, McGill University
Doctoral Thesis Committee Form
This form is to be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Director in order for a student
to establish a doctoral thesis committee in accordance with the Linguistics Department regulations
as outlined in the Graduate Student Handbook (
Student name:
Working title of thesis:
Co-Supervisor (if applicable):
The Doctoral Thesis Committee members listed above have been consulted and have agreed to
serve on the committee.
Student’s Signature:
The student should sign this form (electronically, or on paper and then scan it), and send it per Email
to the Graduate Program Director, cc-ing all committee members. The completed form becomes part
of the student’s official record.
The Graduate Program Director will confirm by Email that the above composition of the student’s
Doctoral thesis paper committee is acceptable.