Canadian Intern Personal Statement

Canadian Intern Personal Statement
Contact information:
Faculty, Department and year of studies (e.g. U3, MA2):
McGill Student number:
Preferred host institution(s) for an internship (you can list up to 3):
Availability for 2016 and 2017 (e.g. September 2016-August 2017):
Part I: Internship Preparedness
In no more than 2 pages, explain why you are interested in pursuing an internship in general, why
the internships listed on page 1 are of interest to you, and what makes you an excellent candidate
for a CTC-QE internship placement. While we encourage you to indicate which of the CTC-QES
partners you are most interested in working with, note that interns will be placed by the IHSP for
the 2016-2017 cohort.
Part II: Questionnaire
Please provide short answers to the following questions (2-3 sentences maximum). You may
repeat information from your cover letter if you choose. Include the question number in your
Describe your research experience and analytical skills
Describe your past or ongoing involvement with community engagement activities.
What is your motivation for participating in the CTC-QE Scholarship Program?
Describe your leadership experience.
What are your future goals?
How prepared are you for scholarship in a Commonwealth country? In particular, how do
you anticipate completing visa applications prior to departure?
How do your interests fit within the themes established by the IHSP (citizen involvement;
equity and diversity; working across disciplines/sectors; moving ideas and evidence to change).
How will your involvement with the CTC-QE Scholarships contribute to innovation?
What is your rationale for your choice of location(s)?
What languages do you speak? Read? Write? How comfortable would you be working in
these languages?
Which semester will be your last semester enrolled as a full time student at McGill?
Please declare any other funding you are receiving for your studies. Note that this award may
impact any funding packages offered by your home department. For example, at McGill, offer
letters for many departments include statements like the following: "Should you receive
funding from another source, internally or externally, your funding package may be reduced in
the interest of distributing financial support as broadly as possible to our student community."
Please disclose any potential conflicts of interest. If there are no conflicts, please indicate “No
potential conflict of interest to declare.”