Professional Development Actuarial Professionals Technical Professionals Mark S. Allaben, FCAS, MAAA

Professional Development
Actuarial Professionals
Technical Professionals
Mark S. Allaben, FCAS, MAAA
The Hartford
VP and Actuary
Actuarial Professionals
On-the-Job Training
Other Opportunities
Actuarial Professionals
 Study Time
• 120 – 140 hours per sitting
• Flexible Schedule
 Study Materials
• Buy/Borrow
• Actex
• CAS Library
 Seminars – Exam Preparation
 Study Group - Student Lead
 Mentors
Actuarial Professionals
Examination Success Criteria
Pass One Exam Every Third Sitting
(Three strike rule)
Three Strikes and Associateship
Company Wide Statistics
Peer Performance
Actuarial Professionals
Additional Exam Support
Exam Overview Sessions
Study Techniques Sessions
Grading Process Explained
Exam Writing Tips
Actuarial Professionals
Exam Study Policy Measurement
 Pass Ratio Statistics
Where possible, The Hartford vs. Industry
By Exam
By Seminar Type
By First vs. Subsequent Sitting
 Cost per Pass
 Rewards
Actuarial Professionals
Teams – Cross Functional
Supervision of Employees
Company Sponsored Training
Special Assignments
Advanced Education – Post Graduate Work
Actuarial Professionals
On – the – Job Training
Exposure to Personal, Commercial and
Specialty Lines
Exposure to Pricing, Planning, Reserving
and non-Traditional Areas
Rotation Program – Formal Moves
Actuarial Professionals
Other Developmental Activities
Industry Committees
Government Affairs – Regulatory
Community Service
Professional Organizations
Technical Professionals
(Non-Exam Track Analysts)
Who They Are
Career Paths
Exam Support
Technical Professionals
Who They Are
Former Exam Students
– Individual Situations
Pure Non-Exam Takers
– Desired Background
– Skills Needed
Technical Professionals
Career Plans
 Clear Job Descriptions
– Various Positions Depending on Utilization
 Career Path
– Clearly Defined Opportunities
 Career Alternatives
– Departmental Advancement vs. Pursuing
Other Functions
 Glass Ceilings
Technical Professionals
Exam Support for non-students
 What’s Included (maybe)
– Borrow/Buy Materials
– Exam/Material Fees
– Seminar Fee
 What’s Excluded
– Study Time
– Rewards for Passing
Technical Professional
Development Plans
On-the-Job Training
Other Development Activities
Create a Structured Program
Professional Development