Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae
Name: (Mrs.) Kawakib Radwan Al-Momani
Marital status: Married
Children: Six
Date and place of birth: 1957 Ibeen / Ajlune
Nationality: Jordanian
Telephone: (02) 7100669
Mobile: 0777712814
1. PhD. 2001 Discourse Analysis, Hariot Watt University, U.K..
2. M.A. 1985 Applied Linguistics and Translation, Salford University , U.K.
3. B.A. 1983 English Language and Literature (Honor degree), Yarmouk
University , Jordan.
4. Diploma 1977 Teaching Training (Honor Degree), Ajlune Teachers Training
5. Head of English Department for applied Studies at Jordan University of Science
and Technology 2013- Until now
6. Associate Professor at the English Department at World International Islamic and
Educational University 2011-2012
7. Associate Professor at the Department of English for Applied Studies at
Jordan University of Science and technology 13/4/2010
8. Head of English Department for applied Studies at Jordan University of Science
and Technology 2008- 2010
9. Assistant Dean at the faculty of Science and Arts, Jordan University of Science
and Technology, 2005- 2008
10. Assistant Professor, Jordan University of Science and Technology 2003- 2010
11. Lecturer of English language , Jordan University of Science and Technology
2002- 2003
12. Lecturer of English Language, Yarmouk University from 1985-2002
13. Teacher of English 1977-1982 Ministry of Education
Committees and associations
Member in committee of the university strategic plan 2009- until now
Member of department committees for promotion 2009- until now
Member in Faculty committee of the Quality Assurance 2007-2008
Member of faculty committee of students' issues 2005-2008
Member of faculty committee for higher studies 2008- until now
Member of faculty committee for scientific days and conferences 2005-2008
- Member of Faculty social committees 2005-2008
Member of Faculty committees for promotion 2005-2008
Member of Association of Arab Academics 2005
Member of department committee for higher studies 2012, - until now
Member of department social committees 2003
Member of Association of Arab translators 1998- until now
Workshops Attended
1. Information Technology (Assessment and Evaluation) 4-6/2 2003, Jordan University
of Science and Technology
2. Information Technology (Modern Methods in Teaching) 7-8/7/2009
Jordan University of Science and Technology
3. Quality Assurance and Accreditation in collaboration with the British Council 20072008.
1. Language Interfaces 2 University of Kent, UK 4-6/5/2009
Paper presented: 'Linguistic variation in the language of justification and Condemnation
of terrorist acts'
2. Humor Conference
Hong Kong 24-27 June 2010
Paper presented: Political Cartoons: humor or hammer?
3. ISFL, International Sytemic Functional Linguistics Conference 15-19 July 2013.
Paper presented: Discourse change in a changing society: political advertisement before
and after the Arab Spring, Sun Yat Sin University, Guanbzhou, China.
4. 12th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, 12-15 May
2014, Athens, Greece.
Paper presented: Intergeneric borrowing in print advertisement in Jordan
1. Critical Discourse Analysis
2. Semiotics
3. Systemic Functional linguitics
4. Multimodality
1. Al-Momani, kawakib (2008)The interpretation of verbo-Pictorial images in Billboards
and Store Banners in Jordanian Society. Semiotica. Vol 171 -1/4 (2008). Mouton de
Gruyter. Berlin, New York pp79-97
2 . Al-Momani, Kawakib (2009) The Interpretation of Gender Roles in English Reading
Texts by Arab University Students. Applied Semiotics AS/SA . Issue Nº 22 / Numéro
22(Volume 9) On line. Toronto
3.Al- Momani, Kawakib , Badarneh, M & Migdadi, F. (2009) Intertextuality borrowings
in ideologically competing discourses: the case of Middle East. Accepted by Intercultural
Communication. , issue 22. (Online)
4. Al-Momani, Kawakib.: Badarneh,M: Migdadi, F. ( 2009) Gender metaphors in Middle
Eastern politics and the Arab receiver. Socials Semiotics 19 (3) 293-310
5. Migdadi, Fathi, Badarneh, Mohammad and Al-Momani Kawakib Divine will and its
extension: communicative functions of Massallah in colloquial Jordanian Arabic,
Communication Monographs, Routledge.
6.Al- Momani, Kawakib, Dana Alrefae (2010), A Socio –Textual Analysis of Written
Wedding Invitation in Jordanian Society. LSP (online).
7. Al-Momani. Kawakib and Mohammad Azayzeh (2011) Linguistic Variation in Acts of
Condemnation and Justification of Suicide Bombings: An Explanatory Study. Interfaces in
Language 2 , Edited byDavid Hornsby. Cambridge Scholars Publishing
8. Al- Momani, Kawakib (2012) Schematic representations in election advertisements in
Jordan. In Multimodal Texts From Around The World: Cultural And Linguistic Insights
Palgrave Macmillan.
9. Fathi Migdadi, *Muhammad A. Badarneh and Kawakib Momani. (2012) Public
Complaints and Complaint Responses in Calls to a Jordanian Radio Phone-in Program; in
Applied Linguistics 2012: 33/3: 321–341 _ Oxford University Press 2012.
10. AL- Momani Kawakib (2014) A Critical Discourse Analysis of Letters of Complaint
by University Students in Jordan. Discourse studies. Sage
11. Al Momani, Kawakib, Muhammad A. Badarneh and Fathi Migdadi ( forthcoming )
A semiotic analysis of political cartoons after the Arab Spring. Accepted by Social
Semiotics, Taylor and Francis
12. Al-Momani, Kawakib (forthcoming) Discourse change in a changing society: A
Critical Discourse Analysis of Political advertisement in Jordan before and after the Arab
Supervising M.A. students
1. Main Supervisor - Zainab Shdaifat 2005 ;The Effect of Age on EFL Reading
Comprehension Skills of Basic–Stage Students; .
2. Main Supervisor- Dana Alrefae 2006 'Socio-textual Practices in the Genre of Written
Wedding Invitations in Jordanian Society'
3. Main Supervisor- Rula Abu Al Rub 2006 'Gender Differences in Using English
Writing Strategies byb Eleven Graders at Jordanian Public Schools'
4. Main Supervisor- Mohamad Azayzeh 2007 'The Discursivity of Linguistic variation in
the Acts of Justification and Condemnation; Suicidal Bombings in Amman 2005 as a
Case Study'
5. Main Supervisor - Huda Yasin 2009 'A Contrastive Analysis of the Main Persuasive
Strategies in Bush's and Bin Laden's Speeches'
6. Co-Supervisor- Hani Ameen 2009 'A linguistic Study of Persuasive Devices in the
Speeches of US President Barak Obama during the 2008 US presidential Election
7. Main Supervisor -Rana Al Khatib 2007 'The Interaction Aspects of Apologies among
Jordanian University Students'
8. Main supervisor-Hani Ameen (2014 Analysis of interpersonal meanings in political
discourse: A contrastive study of speeches by king Abdullah 11 and president Barak
Obama after the Arabic spring.
9. Main supervisor -Huzaimah Fayadh (2014) Politeness strategies in the Prophet’s
Participation in Examination Committees for the following M.A. Gradutes
1- Nansy Sahawneh 2005 'An Analysis of Social and Stylistic Variation of Pragmatic
Devices by Jordanian people'
2. Zainab Talal Salem 2009 'A Contrastive Investigation into the Use of Euphemistic
Expressions in Jordanian and British Obituaries'
3. Sana'a Karasneh 2006 'A contrastive Study of the Realization patterns of Requests
Evidence from Jordanian Arabic and British English'
4. Somaya Al-Su'bi 2006 'Phoric References in the language of Advertising: Case Study
of 'Al-Rai' Jordan Newspaper Pictorial Advertisements'.
5.AbdulAziz Al Zu'bi 2007 Language and cultural maintenance among the Druze of
Jordan: A case study of the Druze of Um al-Quttain village
6. Zainab Salem 2009 A contrastive investigation into the use of euphemistic expressions
in Jordanian and british obituaries.
7. Suhad Odeh 2010 An investigation of code-switching in newspaper advertisements
targeting Jordanian bilingual consumers
8. Sajedh Al-Zoubi 2010 head Movement in Arabic
9. Dana Al-Sheikh Salem 2011 Dialect and cultural maintenance among the Syrian "Alshwam" speech community of Jordan: A case study of Irbid city.
10. External examiner: Aminah Al-Jarrah (2014) Translation of children literature,
Yarmouk University.
11. External examiner: Fatima Mahasneh (2014) The translation of legal electronic
commercial language. Yarmouk University
Honors and Awards
-King Hussein's Honor Prize for the best College Student 1977 (Ajlune Teacher Training
-Listed on the Honor board at Yarmouk University from 1979-1983
-One of the top three students at the English Department at Yarmouk University 19791983
-Scholarship to Salford University in the United Kingdom for M.A. degree offered by
The British Council through Yarmouk University , Jordan
‫المساقات التي قمت بتدريسها‬
1. English 114 Reading skills
2. English 115 Writing 1
3. English 117 Advanced reading
4. English 171 Grammar 1
5. English 285 Grammar 2
6. English 201 Introduction to Linguistics
7. English 204 general Linguistics
8. English 211. Writing 2
9. English 213. Oral skills
10. English 301 Applied Linguistics
11. English 311 ESP theory
12. English 315 English for hotels
13. English 351 Vocabulary building
14. English 491 seminar (for undergraduates)
15. English 402. Discourse Analysis
16. English 431. Teaching methods
17. English 314 English for tourism
18. English 701 Applied linguistics (for postgraduate Students)
19. English 792 seminar (for postgraduate Students)
20. History of English language
21. Morphology
22. Translation 1
23. Translation 2
Arabic - fluent
English - fluent