Flipped classroom Flips----no flops Mary Lou Duffy College of Education

Flipped classroom
Flips----no flops
Mary Lou Duffy
College of Education
Exceptional Student Education- Jupiter
What is does flipping mean?
Buzz word in Higher Education
Reversing what happens in and out of the classroom
 Watch
 Do
videos/podcasts of lectures outside of class
problem solving “homework” activities inside of
What does it really mean?
Shifting of the responsibility for learning from the
instructor to the students
 Encourages
 Increasing
active participation
interaction between teachers and
students around content learning
Basis for Flipped classrooms
Science of pedagogy and learning
 Foundation
 Grasp
in factual knowledge
of context
 Organizing
info for retrieval
 Metacognitive
 How
skills for monitoring
People Learn (Bransford, Brown & Cocking, 2004)
I do
Take a quick
quiz via
Work on a
case related
to the reading
& lecture
We do
After class
Listen to a pod
Read chapters
View recorded
lecture and PP
Watch videos
During class
Before class
When I flip
Complete an
activity or
assignment to
show individual
You do
Some topics are
better than others
for flipping
3 general
categories for
When to FLIP
Looking at the semester’s topics. When do the
students seem to have the most difficulty?
 Spending
 Giving
more time on the tough stuff
“think time”
When to FLIP
Look for the fundamentals
 If
it is essential to the course; to the discipline
 Does
it deserve more time?
When to FLIP
Are you/they bored
 Switch
 They
it up; ROAD TRIP!
do, not you do
Other ways to FLIP
Create a syllabus scavenger hunt
Group note taking
Begin class with a case based discussion from the
Give guiding questions with the chapter assignments
Go beyond the typical resources for info
 Community
 Internet
interviews (crowd sourcing)
This too is flipping
Keep in mind, the goal is engagement; not grading
Read a chapter and assign short quizzes to be taken
right before class begins
Have students donate 2 questions on the chapter they
want to see on the next quiz/test when they come to
Tools for Flipping
“Jing” 5 minute tutorials or mini lectures
“Screencast-o-matic” 15 min videos upload to YouTube
channel through FAU Google Apps
Blackboard Collaborate recorded sessions
Audacity podcasting
Narrated PowerPoints
iPad/iPhone movies
Google Apps (Docs, Sites)
If you are interested in continuing
the conversation…
[email protected]