Problem Solving Lab Teacher Prep

Problem Solving Lab
Teacher Prep
1. Photocopy each sheet of paper, making a copy of each for each group. Stiff and/or
colored paper is recommended.
2. Laminate each sheet
3. Before cutting, use a permanent marker to place numbers on the back of each card to
denote which set each card belongs to. Since each set contains 15 pieces, it is easier to
keep track of them if each card in each set is given a number.
4. Cut pieces and place each set in an envelope for storage.
5. Suggestions: Make a class set of lab sheets and laminate. Students can write responses on
their own paper or use a washable marker.
The pieces can be arranged in the following manner.
Problem Solving Lab
Student Instructions
Can the pieces be arranged to make 5 squares that are all the same size?
One packet of 15 pieces of paper (per group)
1. Take all 15 pieces out of your packet.
2. Arrange all pieces to make 5 squares that are the same size
3. Draw your results on a separate sheet of paper.
1. No talking is allowed
2. Use all 15 pieces
3. Eyes only on your own table; no cheating!