NAME ____________________________________________DATE: __________ PERIOD: ________ BOOK I AM READING: _______________________________________________________________

NAME ____________________________________________DATE: __________ PERIOD: ________
BOOK I AM READING: _______________________________________________________________
1. Describe the EXPOSITION of your book. (the basic introduction situation: present main characters,
simple conflict, setting)
2. What is the INCITING INCIDENT of your story? (the incident or event that creates the problem,
challenge or conflict)
3. What are 2 examples of SUSPENSE in your story? (some events/actions that give uncertainty or a
mounting sense of anxiety as to what might happen next)
4. What do you like about this story so far?
5. What do you dislike about this story so far?
6. Write 3 open ended questions on the back of this paper about your novel (with space underneath
each one for the answer). Try to make them questions that will take 3-4 sentences for an answer.