Sophomore World Literature Ms. McDermott Greaney February 1, 2016

World Literature
Ms. McDermott Greaney
Block 2(A) 4(B)
February 1, 2016
Good morning
Please find your seat on the seating chart. Pick
up a course syllabus as you come in the room.
I.D. cards on your desk
Entry Task
At 10:15 we are picking up your novel. Please walk quietly
to the book room
Novel - Sold
Find and Highlight the following information on your course syllabus
1. What is Ms McDermott’s email address?
2. Highlight assigned novel in required texts:
Add: Sold; Things Fall Apart; Lord of the Flies
3. What materials will you need for this class?
4. What is the policy for make-up work?
5. What is the novel policy?
6. What is the late work policy?
7. If you need to leave the room for personal reasons what will you need to
Scavenger Hunt
Generate one question that you both have about this course.
With a Partner
School Norms
Wonder and ask questions
Open your mind to diverse views
Laugh often and have fun
Value and utilize what you learn
Engage fully
Share ideas in a safe environment
With your corner partners – Come up with class norms
Class Norms
Write a letter of introduction to me (I am your audience)
Dear Ms. McDermott:
Introduce yourself. Include details about who you are as a
person: likes/dislikes; hobbies; activities you are involved in.
Goals you have for this semester and anything I need to know
about you that would help.
Be sure to include a complete header
Letter of Introduction
Global Issue: Human Trafficking
Literature Circles
Group with four students
Create your group norms (5 characteristics of effective group)
Literature Circles Binders/Create role sheet master
Novel - Sold
Read pages 1-24 and complete your designated assignment
H/W Sold