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John Sedgwick Junior
Port Orchard, WA
Ms. Herl’s & Ms. Ramsey’s Classroom Newsletter
Welcome to 7th Grade History
In this class, you will explore the
history and stories of Washington
State, learn about the Middle Ages
in Europe and beyond, experience
primary sources, and write and
express your thoughts about the
world (old and new) around you.
In this class, you will read, write,
color, move and create projects as
you learn.
We are going to have a wonderful school year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday Study Hall:
If able, Friday will be dedicated to
study hall. Students will be required to
have something to work on when it is
independent study hall. At times, study
hall will be used for any
teacher/student tutoring, quiz/test
make-ups, re-teaching moments, and
reflecting on the weeks learning
target/unit essential question.
Simple Expectations:
 You can expect Ms. Herl & Ms. Ramsey
to believe in each student, do what is
expected and to do her best, and
 No one will interfere with the
education, safety and well-being of
the first FIVE minutes of
class start each day?
Students will:
 Copy into their planners the
brief AGENDA and possible
homework for the day from
the front whiteboard.
 If needed, check the MONTHLY
the front of the room for any
assignments he/she may have
missed due to absence, lost
memory, or a temporary brain
 Turn in homework unless Ms.
Herl or Ms. Ramsey has
instructed otherwise
 Individually, tackle a daily
entry task or “ET” to the best
of their ability. The “ET” will
always be located on the front
whiteboard or displayed on
the overhead projector. Entry
Tasks may be quizzes, practice,
journal writes, etc.
Access to website: type in John Sedgwick Junior High,
click staff websites, and just look for our names.
Students can access homework, worksheet
attachments, instructions for projects, etc.
Ms. Herl’s & Ms. Ramsey’s Classroom Newsletter Page 2
Absent ???????????????
 You are responsible for missed work, not
Mom or Dad, your best buddy, or the
homework fairy (Ms. Herl). Options for
getting missed work are:
 Call a buddy from class and/or check Ms.
Herl’s website
 When you return to class, check the
Monthly Agenda/Planner Board in the
front of the room for daily, weekly, and
sometimes, monthly due dates and
 Check the student center folders (back of
room: STUDENT CENTER) for worksheets
or assignments that were handed out
when you were absent. They are filed by
the day of the week.
 Finally, if all of the above has failed, ask
Ms. Herl or Ms. Ramsey during the
appropriate time (before or after school,
during class work time) if you have any
questions or need help.
“I am here if you need me”
- Ms. Herl & Ms. Ramsey
 Always bring your planner to class.
Your planner is your ticket to get a
drink and use the restroom. Treasure
 If you need to throw something away,
sharpen your pencil, or leave your
seat for any reason, you must make
sure NO ONE is addressing the class,
students, creatures and teachers alike.
Reminders to Students
Students: You will need the
following supplies this year:
3-ring binder (with sections for EACH class)
Pencils/black - blue pens/highlighters
Red pen for correcting
Colored pencils/colored markers for projects and
Black Sharpies for maps and projects
SSR book
Late Work
Students are expected to turn all
assignments by the assigned
due date. If unable, to still
receive credit for the work, it
must be received in a timely
manner (during the same unit of
study) or on a date individually
arranged between Ms. Herl/Ms.
Ramsey and the student.
Goals for a Successful Year
Agreements for Success
I, _____________________,
understand and agree to the goals and
expectations outlined in this class
newsletter. If I have any concerns or
questions, I will ask Ms. Herl or Ms.
Ramsey so that I can be successful and
confident in my learning.
Student _________________________