Chapter 28: Resurgence of Conservatism 28.1/28.2– Guided Reading Activity Name: _________________________ Period ___________

Chapter 28: Resurgence of Conservatism
28.1/28.2– Guided Reading Activity
Name: _________________________
Period ___________
_______/ 35 Points
Summarize what liberals believe the government should do for the citizens. ________________
They believe that most social problems have their roots in _______________________(3 points)
Summarize what conservatives believe the government should do for the citizens. ___________
They do support the use of the _______________________________ to regulate ____________
_____________________ (3 points)
Name two reasons why the Cold War revived the support for conservative beliefs. (2 points)
Two regions of the county, the ______________ and the _______________, were more
conservative than other areas. (1 point)
During World War II, a large number of Americans moved South and West for war factory jobs.
This area was known as the _________________________. In contrast, a lack of industrial jobs
in the Northeast led that region to be nicknamed the ________________________. (1 point)
Americans in the Sunbelt opposed ______________________ and _______________________
that threatened to interfere with their region’s growth. (1 point)
Americans living in the West resented _____________________________________ that limited
___________________, controlled water use, and _____________________________________
of the region’s ___________________________. (2 points)
The largest religious group within the social conservative movement was ___________________
____________________________. They believe they are _______________________________
____________________ and a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ whose death and
resurrection reconciles them to God. This conservative religious movement is referred to as the
“____________________________”.(2 points)
_____________________________ were evangelical ministers who used television to reach a
large nationwide audience. Using television and mail campaigns, the _____________________
built up a network of ministers to register new voters who backed conservative candidates and
issues. (2 points)
Ronald Reagan believed that the key to __________________________________ and _______
______________________________in society was to get Americans to ___________________
________________________. He also explained that Americans should not look to
________________________ for answers. (2points)
Explain supply-side economics. (2 points) ___________________________________________
Explain “Reaganomics” (2 points) _________________________________________________
Who benefitted the most from Reagan’s economic plan? (1 point) _______________________
Cutting tax rates meant the government would receive less money. This would increase the
___________________________. The keep the deficit under control, Reagan proposed cuts to
__________________________. What are concerns you might have about this plan? (4 points)
Reagan called the Soviet Union “__________________________________________________”
and “______________________________________”. In his view, the United States should not
negotiate with or try to ________________evil. It should try to ________________it. (2 points)
Reagan’s defense spending pushed the annual budget deficit from _____________________ to
over ___________________________. (1 point)
Although Congress had prohibited aid to the Nicaraguan contras, individuals in Reagan’s
administration continued to illegally support the rebels. These officials secretly _____________
____________________________ in exchange for the _________________________________
_____________________being held in the Middle East. Profits from these sales were then sent
to the ___________________. News of these events led to an investigation known as the
_________________________________. (2 points)
In March 1983, Reagan proposed the ______________________________________. This plan,
nicknamed “____________________________”, called for the development of weapons that
could _______________________________________________. He believed that this would
help to prevent ______________________________________________. (2points)