French Revolution – Film Notes from Discovery – The French... Ultimate expected outcome of the Revolution

French Revolution – Film Notes from Discovery – The French Rev part I
Ultimate expected outcome of the Revolution
Destroying a unfair class system and the rule of kings
Effects around Europe – Monarchs lost power and lives of ordinary people improved.
Three Causes of the French Revolution
1. The worsening financial condition of the government
a. Huge sums of soldiers and weapons for the Seven Years War (French and Indian)
b. 1778 – Sent arms and troops to help American Revolution
c. King and nobility spent countries wealth on their life styles
d. Nation is almost bankrupt – King refuses to cut spending and raises taxes
i. Three Estates –
1. Catholic church pays no taxes
2. Nobility pays no taxes
3. Common citizens pay all the taxes
ii. Unfairness of tax laws caused outbreak of the Revolution
2. Economic depression
a. Down turn in manufacture and trade = people being laid off from work
b. Low production of food = higher food prices
3. Revolutionary new ideas – The Enlightenment
a. Age of Reason
b. Ordinary people should be free to elect the leaders of their governments / divine right
of Kings.
Start of the Revolution
1. Third Estate forms National Assembly
2. Great Fear
a. Nobles hide food – not true but people believe it
b. July 14, 1789 – Storming of the Bastille
i. People believe the king is going to dissolve the National Assembly
Film notes The French Rev Part II
1789 – Time of national Assembly ruling France
1. Legal changes to help ordinary people
2. Success depended on the Kings cooperation
1791 – New Legislative Assembly
1. Second Government of the French Rev
2. Three Serious Challenges to the Rev.
a. Severe economic troubles
b. Catholics strongly oppose the rule of the assembly
c. The king of France had been secretly trying to obtain military support from outside the
country – Prussia and Austria
1792 (April) through 1793 (Jan) - Birth of the Republic & the execution of the King
1. Moderates had been replaced by radicals in the Legislative Assembly
2. The guillotine had been invented for executions
3. Serious threat to the Revolution brewing in Austria and Prussia
a. July 92
i. Foreign troops ready to invade
b. Aug 92
i. French revolutionary army defeats the Austrians
ii. King and family are put in prison and kings powers are suspended
iii. Mass executions for people being accused of being enemies of the revolution
1. This is known as the September Massacre
c. Sept 92
i. Due to the French Victory against the Austrians
ii. Third government of the Revolution is Formed
1. National Convention
The National Convention
1. Declare the First Republic of France
2. Take all power from the King