Hypothesis Writing Practice

Hypothesis Writing Practice
Follow this format when writing a hypothesis:
If the ___Independent variable_______ _____how it changes_____________ ,
Then the __Dependent Variable__ will _____how it changes_____ because… Explanation
Independent Variable – what the investigator changes
Dependent Variable – what changes as a result of the experiment (due to the independent variable)
Example: How does the amount of sunlight a carrot receives affect its size?
If the amount of sunlight a carrot receives increases, then the size of the carrot will increase because the
sun provides energy that can be used for growth.
Identify the independent and dependent variable and write a hypothesis.
1. Will adding weight to the wings of a paper airplane make it fly straighter?
2. Will food coloring spread faster throughout a beaker of cold water or hot water?
3. How does distance affect running speed?
4. Does chocolate cause pimples?
5. Do birds with longer or shorter wings fly faster?
6. Does it make a difference if I do my homework?
7. Which ball will bounce the highest, a golf ball, a rubber ball, or a ping pong ball?
8. How does the fat content in food affect the energy content?
9. Which Oreo cookie filling does the class like best, Chocolate, Vanilla Crème, or Peanut Butter?
10. What is the best sport to play?
11. What time of day will I be most likely to get a sunburn?
12. Which is closer to Earth, Mercury or Jupiter?
13. Do dogs make better pets than cats?
14. What will happen if you stay up too late on a school night?
15. Is it more enjoyable to walk through a forest or along a river?