– Stress and Loss – Health Relationships Chapter 4


Chapter 4

– Stress and Loss

What are the three stages of stress?

What are the stages of loss/ grief?

List possible ways to limit stress.

Chapter 5 – Mental/Emotional Problems

Define Depression and Mental Disorder .

List warning signs of suicide.

List five mental health professions.

Chapter 6

– Health Relationships

List traits of healthy relationships

Skills for building relationships

Active listening techniques

Define: prejudice, stereotype, tolerance, bullying, hazing

Chapter 7 – Family Relationships

Five types of families

Ways families promote Physical, Mental and Social health

Traits of strong families

Possible changes in family structure

Cycle of violence

Chapter 8 – Peer Relationships

Define clique and peer pressure

How to resist peer pressure

Describe methods (7) of manipulation

How to practice self-control

Chapter 9 – Resolving Conflicts

Causes of conflict

Negotiation process

Define mediation and confidentiality

Causes of violence

Type of violence

Prevention of violence and abuse

Sources of help