April 9 and 10 Agenda

April 9 and 10 Agenda
 Learning target: Describe the make up of the universe including dark matter
Vocabulary: 1. dark matter 2. dark energy 3. dark halo
Reminder: April 18; Fieldtrip to Museum of flight---make sure you pay and give
me your fieldtrip form
Projects are due May 1. Fieldtrip to planetarium is May 2
Notes on Dark matter and Dark energy
Lab on Dark Matter
Jeopardy review next class
1. How old is it theorized that the universe was a
primordial atom?
2. Are objects in space moving away from one another or
towards one another?
3. Are collisions between galaxies rare or common?
4. Where is the center of the universe?
5. In a high density model what happens to the universe?