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Test corrections are due next class
 Go over Homework
 Vector notes-Finish My vectors
 Labs—vectors “ As the Crow Flies”
LT: I will be able to calculate components
of vectors
 Y-component
 “resolving components”
Explain when car A’s velocity is not the same as
car B if they both are going 40 km/hr.
Velocity is a vector quantity, with a magnitude and direction. If two vectors have different directions,
they cannot be equal. Therefore if one was going east and the other North they would not be equal.
Is the resultant vector necessarily greater
than the V1 or V2? Explain why or why
V is the magnitude of the vector it is not necessarily larger
than the magnitudes of V1 and V2. For instance, if V1 and
V2 have the same magnitude and are in opposite directions,
then V is zero. The magnitude of the sum is determined by
the angle between the two contributing vectors.
Finish Test Corrections- due next class
 Work on 1st vector worksheet.
 Work on 2nd vector sheet
 Make sure you have done the following
from last class;
› Read pg. 49-58 add any notes to your in
class notes. Develop a problem solving
chart from pg. 57 on the left side of your
› Do problems 1, 5,8 and 9 on pg. 68.