Medical Center Clinical Sciences Area Committee vacancy issue

Medical Center Clinical Sciences Area Committee vacancy issue
Dr. Falace from Dentistry has resigned from the Medical Center Clinical Sciences area
committee which necessitates a replacement from the College of Dentistry since this
particular area committee’s composition is specifically prescribed. Preston Hicks, chair
of the College of Dentistry’s faculty council, has forwarded the following names for the
consideration of the Senate Council:
Dr. Joseph Van Sickles
Dr. Richard Haug
Dr. Jeffrey Okeson
The Senate Council can elect to forward all three names to Administration for
consideration if it sees fit, but must forward at least twice the number of existing
Here is the current composition of that committee:
Robert Rapp, ’06, Chair
Ernest Bailey, ‘05
Raeford Brown, ‘05
Kenneth Chance, ‘05
Lynne Hall, ‘05
Terry Malone, ‘05
Steve Shedlofsky, ‘05
Donald Falace, ‘06
Catherine Martin, ‘06
Alternate: Debra Moser ‘05
The Administration has requested that the Senate Council expedite the forwarding of
the names of nominees since there are tenure and promotion cases in the College
waiting to go to committee.