Current • Parallel Running of Dakota

• Parallel Running of Dakota
– Successful parallel running of dakota example on
Kraken (temporary use of other’s account)
– Applied SUR BlueGene account, expected to be
authorized early next week
– Request Labstaff to get fortran compiler installed on
department cluster
Current knowledge: Dakota distribution runs on mpich1
on linux, to run on SUR BlueGene or department
cluster, need to compile from source, a few libraries
and fortran compilers are required
• Set up DVC simulation case with Dakota
– Go though the Dakota user manual to prepare for
setting up the case
– DVC code to calculate the output metric (sum up
shortest distances from pegs to the object
boundary at the end of simulation)
Current knowledge: Three kinds of methods in
Dakota could be used to do sensitivity analysis
Parameter study, Design of experiment, Uncertainty
• Compile Dakota on available parallel
• Set up the DVC case and Run experiment