Frequently Asked Questions Regarding “Certificate of Finances”

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding “Certificate of Finances”
Note: For International Students Only!
What documents are required in addition to the Certificate of Finances?
 As a first step, complete the online enrollment form and submit your enrollment deposit. The
Certificate of Finances will not be processed until the enrollment deposit is received. Refer to
the admitted student website for steps on how to submit your enrollment deposit.
 Submit a completed “Certificate of Finances” AND “Request for Supplemental Information”
form, found in the Financial Aid section of the new student Welcome Website.
 Submit official documentation from the pertinent financial institution, verifying accuracy of
information provided in Section 8a and/or 8b of the Certificate of Finances
Can I provide scanned copies via email instead of originals?
 For the initial submission, electronic (scanned copies) are acceptable. Please follow up with
the delivery of original documents to: Financial Aid Office, Enrollment Management Center,
WFU School of Business, PO Box 7897, Winston-Salem, NC 27109, USA.
On the Certificate of Finances, do I have to list resources for multiple years?
 No, you must only list resources for the first year of your program.
What dollar amount do I need to list in Section 8?
 Your information must reflect the cost of attendance for the current year, minus any
scholarships awarded by WFU. For cost of attendance, see the “Tuition and Fees” section under
the Financial Aid tab for your program, on the School of Business web page.
What proof do I need for the financial resources?
 A statement of account, with the value of each cited account and the accountholder’s name,
must be presented on the financial institution’s letterhead. Also, the financial institution’s
contact information and bank official’s signature must appear in Section 8a.
My bank official states they cannot sign in Section 8a of the Certificate of Finances. What do I
 Please remind the official that their signature is simply verification that the document
(statement of account) they are providing is authentic; that is, the statement of account is true
at the moment it is released. Sample titles of those officials for whom a signature is acceptable
include clerk, teller, assistant manager, and manager. They should not be concerned over the
possibility of further obligations or commitments. We cannot accept a Certificate of Finances
without signatures.
What happens after I submit all of the above documents?
 The documentation you have presented will be used to complete an F-1 request, which will
then be transmitted to our Center for Global Programs & Studies. The F-1 request will be
reviewed and if accepted, will be used to establish an I-20.
 The I-20 will then be sent to you via the requested delivery service, in order for you to present
it to your embassy for their issuance of an F-1 student Visa.
Updated January 2016
Generally, the I-20 leaves our campus within 10-14 business days after we receive the
Certificate of Finances and Supplemental Information. Delays in processing can occur during
peak work periods or if information is incomplete or requires additional communication.
NOTE: always provide a postal/zip code for the mailing address given on the Certificate
of Finances. Your I-20 packet will not be mailed without this information.
We will send you an email the day the I-20 packet leaves campus for delivery to you, along
with tracking information, so you can anticipate the delivery date and communicate directly
with the delivery service provider.
How long will it take for me to receive the I-20 after it is mailed from WFU?
 Delivery services vary based on location; please allow at least 14 days for the I-20 packet to
reach you. We recommend you contact your delivery service to establish a more specific time
I submitted a Certificate of Finances as an undergraduate student; do I have to complete a new
certificate for graduate school?
 Yes, please submit an updated Certificate of Finances and Supplemental Information with
current documentation regarding financial resources. Current documentation must also be
provided from the respective financial institutions.
How do I transfer my financial resources to WFU for tuition payment?
 WFU participates in the Peer Transfer service to facilitate payments for international students.
See more information on this service at
 Also, WFU recommends that you establish a local banking account in order to quickly receive
any refunds for living expenses. Local banks close to campus are:
a. BB&T- 2815 Reynolda Road, Winston Salem, NC 27106-3110
b. Wells Fargo- 1834 Wake Forest Road, Benson Center, Winston Salem, NC 27106
 Once your local account is established, you will be able to complete the Direct Deposit
authorization form; for instructions, see “Sign Up for Direct Deposit” at
For further questions regarding the Certificate of Finances, please contact Denise Kelly in the School
of Business at [email protected], or by calling 336-758-4114.
For further information regarding Peer Transfer, please contact Student Financial Services at
336.758-5234, or at [email protected]
For general questions regarding issuance of visas or your arrival on campus, please contact the Center
for Global Programs and Studies at 336-758-5938, or at [email protected]
Updated January 2016