Senate Agenda Friday, September 25 , 2015

Senate Agenda
Friday, September 25th, 2015
Call to Order: 12:03 PM
Roll Call
Vikasini Mahalingam, Johnnie Nguyen, Alex Pong, Haley Pasquariello, Jaclyn Fields, Tiffany
Cung, Shubheksha Shrestha, Akshay Kumar, Lia Peppers, Isha Kanu, Brigitte Nguyen, Ryan
Duong, Will Mundo, Nabaa Hashim, Grecia Portillo, Reme Shipley, Caleb Carr, Will Card,
Aaron Blahut, Araceli Cortez, Amanda Ta, Sarah Kubick, Ryan Brody, Ernesto Rodriguez,
Malu Lins, Avneet Chauhan, Scott Cao, Zach Lubline, Allie Kriese, Ariana Nikmanesh, Leo
Harmon, Rachel Cohen, Joe Halter, David Heisler, Omer Sarwana
Adoption of Agenda: Approved
Approval/Correction of Minutes: 9.18.2015 Minutes Approved
Guest Speaker(s): AndersonMasonDale, Wellness Center Updates
1. Recent deliberations on the gym have brought up doing a three court gym instead of two
wooden courts and a MAC gym. They are currently debating on bleachers as well. As far
as the pool, we are making sure to allow for enough staging area. They have been looking
at a partnership with UCHealth to try and set up a clinic. The Blake St. intersection will
one day have the Wellness Center as the focal point.
a. What is the canoe thing?
a. They are going to have outdoor pursuits that people could rent different
equipment to do outdoor programs outside of campus.
b. Is that program resourceful? Will we be spending more money on this than students
will spend?
a. Allie said that the School of Minds has this and it is cheap, but also very
popular. Cary specified that the director of the wellness center will also be
helping with these decisions to make sure we are successfully spending
c. What has been the biggest challenge when designing the building.
a. They answered utilities going through the site has been very challenging
since they are trying to reroute this. Coordinating with these utility
companies’ schedules has been difficult as well.
d. With parking, how will you make up for the parking you are getting rid of?
a. Allie specified the locations of the future parking spots. They may eventually
be able to add parking under the fields, but don’t currently have the funding.
They are also communicating with Bcycle to have a station nearby.
e. What is the timeline for hiring a director?
a. Allie said that the description is currently with higher-ups.
f. They are looking for a student on the oversight committee for the north classroom
Financial report: Scott Cao
a. Previous Budget: $29, 857.31
b. Current Budget: $29,832.57
VII. Unfinished Business
a. Freshman Council Confirmation: Isha Kanu
b. She was then sworn in.
VIII. New Business:
a. Judicial Council Bylaws
Vote to approve Judicial Council Bylaws: Approved
b. Legislation and Outreach Bylaws
i. Changed the name from Legislation and Drafting to Legislation and Outreach.
ii. In Article V section A and B, they wanted to exemplify the name change and
explain what outreach entails.
Vote to approve Legislation and Outreach Bylaws: Approved
c. Events and Planning Bylaws
Akshay motioned to amend “location of all Events and Planning Committee shall” to “Committee
meetings shall”: seconded
Amendment passed through Ayes
Vote to approve Events and Planning Bylaws: Approved
Presidential Update
We will have a college council chair chosen today.
Vice-Presidential Update
Freshman Council will have a chair by next Friday. David and Omer will be interviewing
next week, but gladly will allow others to be involved. He stated that he wants to possibly
move our senate meetings to the student commons building soon.
XI. SACAB Update
They had a meeting last week and passed an SEPAC budget. They are going to be putting the
green fee to referendum this year. They will soon be putting in a sustainable garden on
campus as well. This food may go to food pantries or homeless people. They heard from the
parking director a couple weeks ago. There is now an app being used in every lot and garage
(except Tivoli) called passport parking. It is also usable downtown. They had a few tobacco
zone and food committee meetings. They have begun marketing for the smoking areas, and
are meeting with Starbucks soon. They also mentioned wind gnomes stealing the tobacco
zone signs.
XII. From the Floor:
A. Standing Committee updates
a. Legislation and Outreach: They thanked those who helped with the Town
Hall. It was very successful, and they will be looking in to those concerns.
Some of these were more weekly updates on Facebook, there were some
tables at fall fest that weren’t approachable, etc.
b. Events and Planning: We went above our goal for Facebook likes at Jamba
Juice. For October they are working with Student Life and trying to
collaborate more in the future.
c. Finance and Funding: Please send in your receipts.
B. Judicial update
We are working on Title IX stuff. They want to spread the message about it, and help
lead people who are having issues related to Title IX find the office. We have hired the
next Associate Justice, Tyler, and he will be here next week. They are working with the
Women’s Resource Center on a future event.
C. Outside committee updates
a. Greek Life: They presented the feasibility study to Raul today. Some
takeaways are that we will need the Greek Life GA to extend past the 6
months she was originally given. They also need to look at diversity and
b. College Council: They all have surveys and are going through these. They
will also have opportunities to use grant money to develop HIPs in schools.
c. Wellness Center: They went to Texas last week to look at wellness center,
and they are currently writing up a review of what they learned. They had a
student subcommittee meeting to discuss memberships. The building will not
be 24/7. They will be flexible, but not 24/7.
D. Ex-officio
If you have a story for the advocate, please send it to them, or go to pitch night. October
23rd from 5-9pm, we are getting together with PALs and will have a get together at Joe’s
E. General business from the floor
a. Scott: If any of the freshmen council members want to go to their meeting today, they are
b. Zach: They are welcome to go to a SACAB meeting at 3. He also has his group doing
tutoring in homeless shelters, and can use help.
c. Johnnie: Is giving out 100 tickets to a concert on October 10th for free, so go pick one
up. The Poli Sci dept. is holding a forum right now with free food.
d. Rachel: Time sheets are due today, we have a new printer, please throw out your food in
the fridge, we need help for family weekend, and we will be getting polos soon.
e. Grecia: Since we have lots of new facebook followers, we will be posting more!
f. Shubheksha: The alternative break applications are due this Sunday
g. David: Please come back to the office to help clean it.
h. Amanda: Please try to stay quiet outside of the conference room during meetings.
XIII. Thought for the day: Haley Pasquariello
“There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or
authority, but those who lead inspire us. Whether they're individuals or organizations, we
follow those who lead, not because we have to, but because we want to. We follow those who
lead, not for them, but for ourselves. And it's those who start with "why" that have the ability
to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them.” –TED Talk by Simon Sinek
XIV. Adjournment: 1:25 PM