L. Adam Mekler
English 101.13
Dr. Mekler
September 25, 2015
Learning to Read
At three important points in my life, the responses of the people around me inspired me to become
a better reader and to enjoy reading more.
My mother and older sister gave me my first positive reinforcement when I first began to read and
inspired me to keep getting better.
A. The first time I read a gas station sign out loud, my mother and sister praised me.
B. The next time we were at the same gas station, I read the sign, but no one responded.
C. The disappointment I felt when I didn’t get the positive reinforcement I expected inspired me
to improve my reading ability.
I soon discovered that more negative experiences could also inspire me to increase my reading
A. In my Montessori class, I was reading a book on butterflies, and I had trouble recognizing the
word “chrysalis.”
B. The teacher would not allow me to eat my lunch until I figured out the word.
C. The frustration and embarrassment I felt really motivated me to improve so that I wouldn’t be
in such a situation again.
Once I became a more proficient reader, my mother’s continued recognition of my ability
cemented what has become a lifelong love of learning.
A. Every time my mother would take my brother and me to a particular department store, I
would rush off to the book section.
B. My mother would get the rest of her shopping done, knowing she would be able to find me
safe and sound when she was done.
C. To this day, each time my mother tells someone this story, I continue to find satisfaction in
her pride in me.